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Monday, March 16, 2009

Intel For Emergency Preparedness

This is a review of a blog article, which introduces new folks to Leo Zagami.

I found for you a short primer, about a great intel source named Leo Zagami. His disclosures are vital for our emergency preparedness.  Click to see the article. When our safety's at stake, we need to be alert to possible errors in our view of the situation.

Rescue, from our delusions, beckons. Insidious, infiltrators, con artists, deception. Patient intruders, who have made themselves welcome by their deceptions. Will we trust the emergency [ ] alert?

It is one thin to collect sundry survival supplies and mre meals [ ]. It is truly another, to see the political "lay of the land", so that we can align ourselves with trustworthy folks.

The article has been composed by the acclaimed political thinker, Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump.

[Note - you can see an article, written by Steve Quizodlibumpbumpbump, about the need, for survival lists ]

In short, Leo is the only former, or "former", insider born and raised in the top hidden levels of power of our foes. For some reason, either conscience, or as part of a psyops plan, he has chosen to disclose intelligence so shockin, that most folks regard it as if it were some kind of fantasy or delusion.

John Todd was an insider in the highest "executive" levels of power of our foes, specifically in the "council of 13". Their job has been to disseminate the commands of the headman of the possessed rothschild family.

But, unlike John Todd, Leo Zagami was part of the nobility, which is vaguely above, yet intermingled with, the "executive" levels.  Learn about John Todd from the series of videos:

Folks, into emergency supply and preparedness, have gone the route of acquirin materials: survival supplies and survival items, such as freeze dried food and meals, solar power and solar energy [ ], parts and accessories, and water -- your basic disaster supplies.

Yet, without political intel, we are in danger of bein blindsided by the very police, fire, and medical personnel whom we think to rely on.

More and more political murders have been done increasinly by hospital doctors and staff. I mean anybody not perceived as bein on their "team" can be a victim. Death or chronic sickness are the military weapons of these soldiers wearin the camouflage of medical staff.

Although the intel is scarcely credible to any shallow researcher, if you trust me at all, listen to me and I am tellin you that your earnest desire for the truth will lead you out of your former way of seein thins.

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