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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emergency Preparedness - They Are No More


Some groups have been planning to make disasters and emergencies to happen, on purpose. They even know how to use science or technology, to make hurricanes and earthquakes to happen.

Folks have been heard talkin about the

fake illuminati

jesuit order.

I have heard them say that those politicians "control everythin". No, that is not what they do.

I am goin to tell you what they DO. Here is what the Bible's prophecies say about them:

They disappear. They vanish. They are gone. They are no more.

They get sick, they die. They are eliminated. They are no more.

You saw them yesterday, today they are gone. They are no more.

They are dead.

Survival lists

will do them no good at all.

They are already dead and gone. Hurray!

and the

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