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Friday, September 30, 2011

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Solar Panels And How Does It Bother You

There are advantages and drawbacks to using solar energy over standard hydrocarbon fuels. Normal fuels have a great deal going against them, including the obvious fact that they pollute the atmosphere and are lethal to breathe.

Some of the usages of solar electricity include :
  • solar pool heaters
  • solar lights
  • solar hot water heaters

So what are the advantages of solar energy over these ordinary fuels? Well they are clean and they create power with out the noise of motors or turbines. The Sun doesn't charge for it's energy so for all practical purposes the power is free after the primary expense.

On the other hand the initial expense is rather a bit which is a strong deterrent for the regular home owner when the question of switching to solar electricity comes up. Luckily if you do the research there are often State and Fed. programs which will aid with that difficulty. Once installed there's very small maintenance required.

Another downside is that solar panels won't produce power at night. To clear up that problem most solar panel installations are giant battery energizers and the house draws power from batteries.

Since most home appliances run on alternating current and a battery supplies direct current you need to add a device called a power inverter which will permit your appliances to run off the system. These actually work quite well there is however some power loss if you do something like that so it adds to the downside of solar electricity being ineffectual.

Now the nice thing is that there is no charge for the power you are wasting since the sun does not send you a once a month bill. It does however mean you want to invest in more solar cell surface area in order to get the job done. You can always do your own installation if you're handy, but be sure to do your research or get assistance to make sure your system will accomplish the job you would like it to do.

Of course small solar projects like solar post light or solar Christmas lights are easily done without professional assistance since it is frequently as complicated as sticking a "stick" in the ground.

While it is more expensive to have your system designed and installed professionally some times it prohibits Problems and guarantees that your system will do the job you would like it to do when it is completed. Some of us however just love a challenge and the upside is that you learn from your mistakes and you gain a real experience of your system and can easily repair it your self if anything goes pear shaped in the future.

I realize I have been focusing on the drawbacks and how these can be overcome, but the real advantages of solar electricity are the things I mentioned at the start ; it is clean energy with no damaging complications ; After the opening installation the energy is free and because there are no moving parts it is virtually maintenance free ; It can be employed even in remote areas that are off the grid ; It is feasible you can sell power back to the power company in some places resulting in a low and most likely negative monthly bill, meaning that the power company will pay you.

There are some very interesting advances being made in the solar power field daily. Efficiency and the price of making the panels is getting better and ultimately there may be no drawbacks to solar power. However,the pros completely outweigh the cons,even now. Learn more about the benefits of solar power!

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