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Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 Solar Can Definitely Help You In Reducing Your Annual Consumption

In its most common form, a solar panel is a collection of photovoltaic cells linked to each other. To fulfill the two characteristics that matters the most for a solar panel: the strength and the easy mounting, this collection of cells has to be surrounded by a metal or a plastic frame. Another material used for solar panel is glass, but this time we are talking about a low-iron glass which allows a powerful light transmisssion.

There are also many panels that have glass on the front and plastic on the back, or those especially designed to replace windows which have glass on both sides of the panel. Solar Pv Sheffield, has solar panels designed to be mounted on external frames or on a building`s roof. In case you wonder, polycrystalline cells are made from thin wafers of silicon cut from a large cast of billet.

When you read about the benefits of solar panel, you can be determined to do this step and involve in such project, but you must be informed before you make up your mind. Whether you decide to choose a well-known company like 1 Solar or you decide to choose the version of a homemade panel, you must carefully plan your thoughts in order to avoid the danger of panel being under-efficient or over-efficient. In general, one must do several calculations before ordering solar panels in order to determine how many panels you need, based on the total wattage consumption, surface area and strength of the sunlight. If you choose 1 Solar, they will help you calculate exactly how many solar panels you need taking into account all the factors.

You can find three types of technologies on the market: Monocrystalline Solar Panels, Polycrystalline Solar Panels and Amorphous Solar Panels. Polycrystalline Solar Panels have a cheaper price compared with Monocrystalline type because they are simpler to produce. These types of panels enjoy a great popularity within the consumers` choice due to their good power output and to their long life. One Solar Sheffield has decided to use the Polycrystalline technology, the most popular choice among masses.

The great investment will be at the beginning, but then you will notice that your system will reduce your costs with approximately 50% in a year. If your system is more productive than you initially thought, you can share or sell the extra energy. The best thing about this system is the fact that one can store the excess electricity in batteries that can be used in a cloudy day.

One should know that solar pv systems work on the overall intensity of light received even though they are not directly exposed to sunlight. On a cloudy day, solar pv systems can still produce up to a 1/3 of the generation possible on a sunny day at the same time of the year. As for the planning permission, you do not need one in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as long as you respect a certain size. Be sure you are informed before making a choice.


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