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Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Output of small electronic devices powered through the sun began during the early '70s. Today's solar panels are able to supply the entire United states of america. In order to "recruit" the sun to make about 4000 towards the billions of kWh needed, it will be necessary to install solar power panels with an area of 32 000 sq km, which is equal to the area of military training ground in Nevada.

Sunrays falling on top of the silicon solar power panels, are generating voltage. This will depend on the amount of light falling on the panel. The more light, the more energy can be generated. Energy by means of electricity (Direct Current, DC) can be used in thousands of ways, from lighting from the bulb to powering laptops computer. This is obviously a really simplified system, but fully functional. To be able to use it used, we need more auxiliary devices, including voltage regulator, batteries accumulating energy, inverters, etc.

Benefits of solar system are:
- No moving parts,
- Really low operating costs,
- Easy installation,
- Safe, low voltage installation,
- Easy control.

The only drawback is the relatively high price of solar panel. A 150-watt panel with costs between 600-800 dollars, with regards to the amount that we buy. How could you quickly calculate, entirely sun so the panel may be assigned to only two 75-watt bulbs. Must be added to the cost of installing control devices and batteries.

Fortunately, the us government helps to deal with the expense of the investment. In most states you will find programs for co-funding the building of domestic solar, wind or water sources of energy. In the state of latest York grants reach 4.5 dollar per watt of installed solar power panels. In New Jersey, with regards to the size of the installation, as much as 5.5 dollar per watt. It comes with an opportunity of getting interest-free loan and 25% return from the tax. Thanks to all over the costs incurred may be reduced by 60%

A good example:

3-kilowatt system installed by way of a specialist (around Eight dollars per watt): 24 000 dollars.
State refund $ 4 per watt: 12 000 dollars.
Installation cost: 10 500 dollars.
Tax refund of 25%: 2625 dollars.
The ultimate cost:9375 dollars.

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