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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ways To Protect Your Laptop

If you have bought a new notebook, to know some knowledge to guard it, it's going to be veru handy for you and can significantly extend the limits of the notebook life. Here will list some attentions, which should gelp you in a way.First, don't to pull out the battery when you use the AC power, pull out the battery will have no any positive effects for you. If you work in an area where the voltage is not so ordinary and you are in work now, all of a sudden power failure, not only the work you've done is worthless, but also may do some damages to your motherboard without the battery's protection. It is not sensible to pull out the battery for protection, because a motherboard is more expensive than a battery.

Second, please do not let the liquid into the notebook, which should do great damages to the notebook. If your notebook has some liquid into the notebook accidentally, please press the power switch for more than 3 seconds as fast as possible , forced shut down the notebook. Or you can pull the charging plug and button battery. Then remove the battery and optical drive and other components can be removed.

3rd, you need to concentrate on the charging, as we all konw, the battery has the limit of charging and discharging times, it is vital for the first charging, you should charge the battery when the battery has out of power. The 1st 3 times should charge for a long time, about 8 hours, to charge ang discharge when necessary will do much dameges to the battery, it can affect the life of the battery. You don't need to drag the battery at normal times, if you do not use the notebook for a long time, you can charge the battery for a half quantity for storage.

4th, to defend the LCD of the notebook, the LCD is an extremely important part of the notebook, the cost will be about 30 percent of the notebook price, so to give protection to the LCD is so crucial. The LCD screen should avoid crash, you should also avoid not drawing engraved above the screen, nor use the finger pointing in the above. If a protecting film on the screen, you'd better not tear the film, even though it looks not so beautiful, but you can at least make sure the screen far away from dust, fingerprints and grease. If there are some filthy things, you can try to wipe it with dry material, if that's worthless, you need to use some cotton soft fabric to stick some economic alcohol or glass cleaner to wipe, please attention that the quantity of this liquid should not that much, for it is so bad if the liquid runs into the notebook. At last, you'd better not place some heavy products on the notebook, it will damege the notebook.

Fifth, drive upkeep. Consider the mobile problem of notebook drive, the seismic performance has been good, but should still pay attention to not move too much, and can not knock the notebook, it might be best not to move the laptop when it turns on.

6th, CD-ROM and floppy drive upkeep. Generally for the consideration of volume, the notebook CD-ROM is always really thin, and the CD is always stuck in the shaft, so you'd better not to utilise the poor quality or irregular CD, for it is very easy to break the bald. After using for a certain time, you'd better use the special CD cleaner to wash the bald, the upkeep of the floppy drive is the same with the desktop, so do not use the poor quality and even moldy Disc, you need to use the special cleaning disk to scrub it.

Seventh, keyboard and mouse upkeep. There are always 3 types of notebook mouse : trackpoint, track-ball, touch pad. But these days the tracker ball is abnormal, we can not see it really easier, it can be regards as a ball of the mechanical mouse, you can clean when it is unclean. Trackpoint is very easy, you can just change a special mouse cap when it's necessary. The touchpad is more trouble, you can't change and repair by yourself, so you'd better not to operate it with a greasy hands, you cannot even with sharpened things to break it. If there are some dirty things on the mouse, you can wipe it with soft fabric.

The protection of the notebook is very necessary, you can do it in your dailt life,eg to open and close the LCD softly, so as to avoid the link damages, you'd better use the special notebook bag to carry it. You'd better place the notebook in a very clean place, not so not or too cold, which should be very helpful for your notebook. Click here : notebook accessories review and laptop gear review for more information.



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