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Monday, October 3, 2011

What Types Of Solar Energy Panels Will Meet Your Needs

Buying a solar energy system to power your house is not easy since you have a lot of choices to make. There are plenty of alternatives available and the price can differ from system to system. Since there are so many options out there there is a real need for you to educate yourself prior to purchasing a home solar power system. There are different types of solar power panels and you have to figure out which one is the right selection for you

There are four different kinds of solar panel systems that you can select from. They are Monocrystalline Silicon Panels, String Ribbon Silicon Panels, Polycrystalline Silicon Panels, and Amorphous Silicon Panels.

Monocrystalline Silicon

This solar power panel is manufactured out of basically one silicon sheet, with metal attached to the ends. This kind of solar panel may be more pricey than some of the other panels, but if you can afford them they are a good choice for your home. You need to remember you are spending your money as you will get it back with the money you save each month.

Polycrystalline Silicon

These solar panel systems might not give you quite as good a return on your investment as some of the other sorts of solar power panels, but they are generally more affordable than some of the other sorts of solar panels.

String Ribbon Silicon

These solar panels are not as costly as Polycrystalline, and they are composed of strips of silicon, and they are attached to bars of metal.

Amorphous Silicon

The last type of solar panel we will look at today is the Amorphous Silicon panel. They will probably not give you the best return on your money as some of the other panels described, but they are one of the lowest priced solar panels to manufacture.

Before you purchase any type of solar panel you need to take some time and educate yourself. The Online World is full of information, and you will come across knowledgeable people locally that could assist you select the best solar panel for your home.


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