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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

4 Principles Of Survivalist Gear

Get Water First

The most urgent need is to get water.

That Which You Require Secondly And Thirdly

The second thing on your list depends upon whether your area's temperature is too hot or too cold. If so, then next comes shelter, and next nutriment. In a congenial area's temperature, nutriment is after water, and afterward shelter. These apply whether you are stationary or itinerant, group-oriented or alone-minded.

Now Let's See Whether You Are Tribal, Otherwise Alone-Minded

How do you imagine yourself in the disaster situation, that you are supplying yourself for? Are you with your household? Are you with a group of broods, or even cooperating together with a community? Or are you all alone, and shunning foes?

If you imagine yourself, or your household, or your tiny group as being alone and travelling about, then I counsel that you nurture more of a social sense, along with bigger faith. An individual, of one of the nations of aliens, found temporarily abiding in our continent when we came in North America, said "A man without tribe is crazy."

According to prophecy, there will be people, who will have no grace, no protection, who are destined to disappear because of their wickedness. My counsel to you is not to share your fate with those types, not either to be like them, as an individual.

Psalm 28

5 "Because they regard not the works of the LORD, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them...."

Now let's see whether you are to be damned or saved.

Are you one who is prophesied to be destroyed? Even individual members, of the condemned groups, have the potential not to be destroyed, as the following passage proves.

Luke 3

7 "Then he said he to the many who came forward to be baptized of him, O generation of vipers, who has warned you to flee from the wrath to come?

8 "Bring forward therefore fruits worthy of repentance...."

Next are some, of the levels of survivalist gear. Your thinking can insert similar kinds in the inventory, in their appropriate spots.

Wandering -- You Won't Have Any Long Term Stash

Included in your survivalist gear, you could have conveyances, for examples SUV's, boats, or airplanes, or you might be a pedestrian. If you take that route, you must have developed skills, to get water, make fire, capture animals for food, forage for wild plant food, build shelter, and other knacks. I said developed skills, not just skills that you learned with videos or books.

1) By yourself and travelling about with only those items you have in your pockets

2) By yourself and travelling about having a 72-hour kit. The 72-hour kit is designed for soon-ended emergency events. It will help you, if you will be travelling about, however 'tis really designed for a situation when you will get back to normal in a short time, alternatively you find a type of institution or agency which provides for sufferers from any catastrophe.

3) By yourself and travelling about with a bug-out bag. Having the bug-out bag you may have your home on your back, thus the overnight temporary shelter isn't a skill that you will have to have learned in this instance.

4) Wandering with household or tiny group (12 or less). Each member of your group perhaps has increased stuff, and need fewer abilities.

In Your Home

You will have water and food stashed, or else your group will keep them stashed, or both. Variable sources of power, of the ilk of wind power, Tesla power, solar power, or geothermal power will be established by you, or by your group, or both.

5) By yourself in your permanent location.

6) With a household in your permanent location.

7) With a small cooperative of householders -- Build kinships with near neighbors, and realize who would make preparations with you, and to practice knowhow.

8) With a neighborhood, doing things in a choreographed manner -- Like to the above, however you get the county or municipal government to participate, or else create an ilk of community group that does not involve government.

9) With a kindred, doing things in a choreographed manner, coordinated by a headman -- This is the sort of headman that we discover by having big family reunions, over a number of years.

10) Following a national leader (also called a "folkdom") -- Be canny, and know, the folks who are referred to as "national" leaders in the mass media are actually more like enemies and infiltrators. I wish to convey, to you, that you be led by a genuine folk leader, someone who isn't your prison warden or your master.

That type aren't presently to be found, or, rather they are in existence, but the masses have been so entertained, by the entertainment business, that they have tolerated "masters" rather than authentic faithful headmen. If big wheels are in the media, they are not faithful.

Before you visit the web's site, in the next paragraph, be so kind, as to write your thoughts in the comment field. We want to read that, which you communicate! Gratitudes to you!

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