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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Are Solar Panels Cost Worth The Installation Benefits?

Even as move in to the next generation of one's efficiency we need to answer the question that hangs on most people's minds - May be the cost worth the investment of installation? Does the cost of solar panels truly merit the cash. Will it pay off in the long run? Is it worth our time and energy to consider the commitment?

As a possible expert solar energy consultant, I have found, so far, that the investment makes it worth while. This is such a new invention and even newer for residential home owners. The cost can be large. The savings in energy could be large as well. Some solar power panels installation companies also offer a whopping 15% profit for your investment for extra energy generated out of your panels (provided there is a space on top of your roof or in your extra land).

As with all new inventions, and new methods for thinking, it takes some time for all the bugs to be fixed. And, as always, the cost will eventually drop. Remember just how much a plasma TV was costing when they first made the look of them?

For now, the cost can be a tad high. But from an eco point of view the cost is insignificant. Our environmental footprint is the real issue. Most of us have very nice lives. We want to do our part to ensure our lofty lifestyles stay lofty. If you are reading this article then you are most likely not working in a field to get a menial day's pay. You can afford the investment because it pays off.

At first, you might like to start by investing in some solar roof fans. They're ventilation units that pull all the harmful heat and moisture from the attic areas. The costs range from $200 to $1200 for each fan. Obviously the bigger end fans are of superior quality and have a lifetime warranty.

The fans are incredibly useful because most roof ventilation systems are incredibly basic. They rarely ever adequately move the dangerous hot air and moisture out through the top of any roof. In fact, 90% of homes have hideously poor roof or attic ventilation. This one thing creates a huge amount of damage to the insulation and roof structure. And also the cost for an overworked air conditioning unit in the hot summer months can really add up if everything that trapped heat actually starts to migrate down to the living quarters.

Solar panels cost can be a different matter.

These panels vary from $5000 to $50,000 or more. The good news is that you can turn your commitment in to a 20 year, high-profit investment. I additionally believe that this investment is excellent now because it will quickly become common place for everyone soon. Why? As the more popular solar panels get to be the less investment return will be paid. You can lock in to 15% now. Several years from now, when many people are doing it, you might be lucky to get 5%.

Moving forward, we all need to adopt a little time and look to the benefits of solar panels cost. The sun's energy is gigantic. Within my humble yet expert opinion, it's the very best form of energy accessible to home owners when considering the future of our planet.

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