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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

iPad vs iPhone: Which Unit Should Gamers Choose

The release of IPad and IPad games by apple on the iTunes store creates a new opportunity and challenge for game players. The touch sensitive screen, lean sensors, wireless connections and the giant screen of the IPad create a game platform never available before. The IPad, IPhone and IPod touch devices enables game players to touch their environment, move by tilt sensors and communicate live simultaneously. The IPad with 3G gives you to best platform on the largest screen for portable games wherever you are.

IPad vs IPhone games comparison :
Graphics : Winner - IPad
The IPhone four and IPad use the same apple A4 processor for graphics and computing but the IPhone 4 has 2 times the memory of the IPad. Games on the IPhone would win over the IPad but since most IPhones are not IPhone 4s, the IPad wins.

Screen :
Winner - IPad
The IPad has a 9.7 inch screen compare to 3.5 inches on the iPhone. Games look much better and are more easy to access on a larger screen. But the iPhone has almost 3 times more pixel density than the iPad. Look for 2011's IPad to enhance over the IPhone.

Control :
Winner - IPhone
Games on the IPad are wonderful on a large screen but the IPad lacks cameras. Though few games use the camera, the IPad are limited further from the IPhone. The IPad also lacks other key hardware but expect 2011's IPad to improve upon features.

Games : Winner - IPhone
The iPad was released in 2010 and many developers have not taken advantage of its processing power nor screen width. The absence of a front or rear camera also limits the games and content. Since there are more games and content on the IPhone, the iPad lacks a completely unique game that targets the IPad game-players.

Potential :
Winner - IPad
Pills are the new computers with major businesses such as Google, Dell and HP releasing tablet computers in 2011. IPad currently hold a 95.5% of the market. IPad is expected to sell 7 million units in 2010. These numbers are a lot better than the IPhone in its release. Sales of the IPad are projected to reach over 25 million units in 2011. Expect apple to follow the business models of the IPod and IPhone and create a superb 2011 IPad.

Winner - IPad
Apple and their third party developers target high and developed a device superb for games. Games on the IPad have advantages and drawback compare to games on the IPhone. However , IPad is still in its youth and 2011's IPad should be a massive improvement. In the final analysis apple provided good hardware but developers need to make games for the IPad that are better, more unique and target game-players on the IPad.

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