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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Solar Panels Cost - How Much It Could Cost To Set Up A Solar Panel?

You need to know the full cell cost in order to take full advantage from them. Even after paying the purchasing price, putting them together will be the second most costly affair.

"But simply how much would solar panels cost?" is a very common question I hear everyday. The price may vary as it is influenced by various factors including where do you live, sunshine you receive and amount of energy you use.

The place you live determines the quantity of sun you get everyday. You need to get a certain amount of sunlight to create enough power for the daily use. The daylight received also rely on the place where you hung your panels. The standards to be considered are angle, direction and shade. The solar panels work best when facing towards south, at angles varying from 15 to 40 degrees.

How much energy you use could possibly be determined by using a process developed on the NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratory).

You'll need your electricity bill to figure out the amount of energy you'll need for your daily use.

1. Initially, divide the total units of Kilowatt Hours (KW) by 30.
2. After determining the KWH used daily, divide it by average variety of full sun hours daily.
3. The quotient will then be multiplied by 1.15 to provide a comfortable margin.

You can test this example to know exactly how it works.

1. 500 KWH / 30 = 16.67 KWH daily
2. 16.67 / 7 = 2.38
3. 2.38 X 1.15 = 2.74 KW or 2,740 watts of your energy needed for solar panels.

In accordance with NREL, it costs around 7$ or 9$ per watt with an average to install a cell if get it installed by way of a licensed professional. As some of the rebates may require a licensed contractor, the latter the first is recommended. The average includes the cost of the panels, mounts, wires, inverters and hardware. If we use the above example, this system may cost you around 24,660$ to put in along with inspection and fee charges that could be added up to another few thousand dollars.

It may look like a very huge investment, there are local, federal and state incentives to look solar. Solar users pays a federal tax of about 2000$ per year. Many states rebate a part of your purchasing and installation costs. Lots of Local energy companies purchase your excess energy, which will help to get your overall bills reduced. So, consumers can reap number of these incentives.

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