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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photovoltaic Solar Systems

Many were surprised when statistics of 2010 showed 100% growth in the use of photovoltaic solar systems. Now, photovoltaic solar systems are regarded as the fastest growing energy technology around the globe.

Nobody predicted that photovoltaic solar systems will develop as the fastest growing energy technology of today. Today, the major country in the use of Photovoltaic solar systems is Germany. Almost ten thousand jobs of Photovoltaic solar systems were produced by the PV (Photovoltaic) industry in Germany. To encourage the masses in using off grid electricity, many EU countries started financing in photovoltaic solar systems.

What is Photovoltaic Solar System?

Photovoltaic solar systems are made up of numerous solar panels which consist solar cells that convert solar energy to electric current. The components contained in photovoltaic solar system can produce, store and supply electric current. A photovoltaic solar panel needs an array of solar cells since a solar cell alone can only generate a low voltage of about 0.5V.

The Production of Electric Current Using Photovoltaic Solar System

Silicon semiconductors are used by PV systems in converting solar energy to electric current. As soon as these semi conductors used by photovoltaic solar systems are exposed to sunlight, the atoms become energized and start losing their electrons. The lost electrons then move through a proper channel and consequently form a direct current (DC). The direct current will then be transformed into alternate current (AC) by the inverter in photovoltaic solar systems. Through electrical wiring, AC will be attached to the main power supply of the house.

Producers of photovoltaic solar cells are still trying their best to escalate the efficiency of the cells. The size of photovoltaic solar panels may also decrease due to an increase in efficiency.

Application of Photovoltaic solar Systems

Research and development of photovoltaic solar systems have expanded from the time they’re regarded as the chief consumer energy source. Extending the influence of the photovoltaic solar systems to the common people is one of the goals that its manufacturers want to do. The development of the off grid use of photovoltaic solar systems created large investments in making them more convenient to common people.

Many companies are now providing standalone photovoltaic solar systems, like in satellites. Connecting with the national grid for electricity is not necessary. They have a full capacity to power homes, cars or any other remote building. Photovoltaic solar panels also power up solar cars. The solar energy-powered train in Germany shows the country’s interest in the use of photovoltaic solar systems.

The Benefits of Photovoltaic Solar Systems

1. The rise in the cost of electricity is not a problem once you use photovoltaic solar systems.
2. You do not have to worry about connecting to national grid to have electricity. You can now be free in settling your house at any remote place.
3. You can help contribute to the society by using photovoltaic solar systems since it reduces carbon emission in the atmosphere. The photovoltaic solar systems are by far the only source of clean energy with zero carbon emission and no noise pollution.
4. Photovoltaic solar systems can acquire electricity despite a cloudy weather. This offers you an electricity that is uninterrupted.
5. The cost of maintaining photovoltaic solar systems is just minimal since they contain secured components.
6. The usage of photovoltaic solar systems helps cut the load of national grid. This allows your government to meet the rising demands of energy more easily and provide electricity to the industrial sector on full scale.
7. The photovoltaic solar systems are very reliable as some companies are now providing 25 to 40 years of warranty. In order to have access on a continuous power supply, photovoltaic solar systems should be used.

Future of Photovoltaic Solar Systems

All current trends are pointing towards a bright future of the PV industry. Many people invest in PV industry since photovoltaic solar systems promise growth. The new advancement in technology of photovoltaic solar systems, declining costs, new innovative features, increased reliability and efficiency makes photovoltaic solar systems the fastest growing source of renewable energy. But as photovoltaic solar systems advance, competitiveness also advances. The ever evolving business models of photovoltaic solar systems make it hard for investors now to keep up with the pace.

Many in the energy sector consider that the photovoltaic solar technology is becoming an important part in meeting the future energy demands of the world. Photovoltaic solar technology is believed to be the essential factor f the electrical system in the EU. The off grid continues to grow since many offers financial incentives for the installation on photovoltaic solar systems to local people. This permits common people to produce their own electricity rather than rely on national grids. The photovoltaic solar technology is becoming an increasingly profitable sector for investors offering strong financial returns.


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