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Monday, January 9, 2012

Computers For Less - Why You Should Check Out The Toshiba Protege R705-P35 Notebook

Most people, when they first see the Toshiba Protege R705-P35 Notebook, are not impressed by its outward appearance. The reason for that is the relatively lighter weight design that is admittedly not as glamorous as kindred Sony or Mac units. This notebook from Toshiba is actually a very good computer and can do very well against some of the competition. Operating with a 4G WiMAX processor, mobile computing is extremely easy and simple to access. You should not have any problem filling this 500 GB hard drive which comes built in. Protege R705-P35 Notebook is a really good laptop and here are some more features that you will appreciate.

Let's talk a moment about performance and design because those two factors do matter for many users. These features are definitely covered well by the designers of the R705-P35 notebook computer - here's why: Many users have expressed delight in just how light-weight this unit is while still managing to perform well in almost all areas. Definitely not built for high-tech power graphic games, the R705-P35 is fully functional to a point. Your needs may definitely be met if you are not a gamer with the technology this laptop is capable of. Without a doubt, this notebook should be just the thing for most everyone because of its WiMAX and Intel processors built within. The technological components within the Protege R705-P35 are more than enough to make most people happy that actively use a computer everyday. This computer has two different processors including Intel's Core i3-370M processor and the IMAX mobile processor for high-speed broadband. Additional memory specs include a shared graphics memory design that is allocated dynamically ranging from 64MB to 1696MB. Running at about 1066 MHz, this unit comes with 4 GB of RAM, with standard DDR3. You will definitely be happy with the Protege R705-P35 based upon the functions that will provide and a price that you will be able to afford.

One thing many people may not necessarily associate with an ultra-portable laptop is an internal DVD burner; yet that is part of the package with the Protege R705-P35. So if you burn DVDs, this is a great option; if you don't, it really doesn't matter. So you can go mobile and burn them at your leisure.

If for some unknown reason you have a need for additional storage space, then there are available features to make that happen. The additional memory can be added because of the USB Combo and eSATA ports on this unit.

The cost of the laptop, more than anything else, is the main stall point for most people looking for a new computer. This is totally logical, especially in light of the way our economy is right now. However, if budget allows, and you want a portable laptop for typical or average use, then we feel the Protege R705-P35 by Toshiba could be a perfect fit for you.

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