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Monday, January 2, 2012

Fast Track PRO - Features And Benefits

For mobile recording flexibility and other specialized characteristics, fast track pro is probably the best choice to consider today. According to reviews, one of the finest models is the M-Audio Fast Track Pro 4x4 Mobile USB Audio/MIDI Interface with Preamps.

This usb audio interface possesses two front-panel mic / line inputs. It also features phantom power for condenser mics; inserts for outboard effects; S/PDIF digital I/O; balanced & unbalanced analog outputs; and MIDI I/O among others. Fast track PRO also features near-zero latency direct hardware & low-latency software monitoring. It also features dual output pairs and an A / B source switch for DJ-style cueing.

In terms of computer connectivity, this USB audio interface a match with many types of high demanded PC & MAC music software. Since it has USB connection; is bus-powered; and is MAC OSX compliant; users won't experience a difficult time installing it. For its class compliancy, it supports 16-bit/48kHz 2 x 4 operation on OS X 10.3.9 and other higher functionalities.

With Fast Track PRO, users can record anything and achieve specialized outcome. Its single USB connection lets you access all of the I/O needed for mics and other instruments such as guitars and S/PDIF- or MIDI-equipped digital audio gear. Being phantom-powered, mic inputs can work with even studio-quality condenser mics like M-Audio Luna & Solaris. Total routing control on 4 x 4 I/O is also possible with this time-tested driver software. You may even set up an effects loop with various other external gadgets.

Fast Track PRO definitely delivers monitoring flexibility. It has a very powerful headphone amp complete with volume control. With the capability for hardware direct monitoring, users won't need to think about latency or delay which are common to even the top internal circuitry when listening to accessible and input tracks. It is currently also likely to listen to input with similar effects when you record utilizing very low-latency ASIO monitoring. To do this, users are provided with two pairs of analog outputs which can be connected to a DJ mixer. The front-panel A/B source switch can then be {used|utilized] to audition cues.

There are lots more to expect from Fast Track PRO. With this device, you can currently spontaneously make, record and remix as well as improvise and edit all of your musical ideas in one faultless audio/MIDI setting. With its Live feature, all your acoustic, electronic & virtual instruments plus digital audio recordings as well as MIDI sequences are brought together in one effortless to use interface. With Live Lite, you can also work on two key views Session View & Arrangement View. These act together in a unique and super powerful means; letting users to make, produce and perform music in a single functionality. With Session View, you can seek out new ideas which you can freely improvise. This is since it acts as a musical sketch & launch pad. For the Arrangement View, users are given a timeline-based approach in terms of conventionally recording, assembling, MIDI sequencing and editing among other musical production projects. Thus, after improvising in Session View, all actions can even be recorded in Arrangement View. With this, they can be edited and then perfected on every occasion it is possible.

Fast Track PRO measures 8.5 inches x 1.75 inches x 4.5 inches.

In terms of user reviews, several users seem to adore this product. Even if there are problems noting that it is effortless as a hardware however not that easy as a software, many people still find it handy and practical. If there is one thing users have the same opinion on is that Fast Track PRO is a USB external soundcard. This means, you should merely expect what a plain soundcard should deliver. Set up is probably easy however there are still those who desire to use the CD. You can easily check out the M-Audio website to download all the drivers required. Also, if the manual is not that explicit and it's making things somewhat complex for you, do not be problematic since it's not that difficult to become familiar with. Merely guarantee that you possess Y adapters as you may necessitate them since the pack merely comes with the USB connector.

There are also Fast PRO users badgering about the not-so-loud soundcard. Take note that this is likely to rely on the speakers & headphones you're wearing. Bad ones commonly provide a weak output while a majority of good ones possess a strong output.

Fast Track Pro definitely delivers. It is easy to set up and use. It is no wonder it's a great hit to users. With the very low $150 to $250 price, you will not go wrong with this USB audio interface.


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