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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Usefulness of Sun Solar Power

sun solar energy is considered the best alternate for the energy sources such as coal, petroleum and natural gas, since it is always available unlike the others. The primary source of the solar energy is the sun, so it is cheap to consume and it does not cause any harmful effects. The use of sun solar energy, as well as Photovoltaic technology, has increasing grown and is still developing worldwide. As the people felt the damaging effects of fossil fuels, they sought new sources of energy. It’s a good thing that there are more eco-friendly renewable energy sources available which can be alternatives for fossil fuels. Some of these renewable resources consist of sun solar, wind, wave power, hydroelectricity and biomass. Among all of these green energy sources, sun solar is regarded as the cheapest and most eco-friendly, so large investments on the sun solar energy sector is made by many energy giants and countries.

Why Choose Sun Solar Energy

In the United States, 90% of the energy production still use fossil fuels, but the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power is growing promptly. Fossil fuels like coal and oil have a quantity which is very limited to sustain the consumption of many around the world. With the sharp rise in global energy needs, the amount of available resources of fossil fuels in decreasing rapidly prompting many major world economies to shift to other energy sources like wind or sun solar as they are both abundant. The limited availability of fossil fuels and the dependability of industries on these fuels affected the productivity of industrial nations around the globe and had contributed in global economic crisis. The shortage in fossil fuels caused the prices of fuel and electricity to rise, and thus it’s a great thing to have sun solar energy as an alternate.

The Global Change and Sun Solar Energy

Countries around the world are spending much for the renewable energy sources which are more environmental and accessible. Many countries with rivers and other water sources are investing in hydroelectricity, other countries with high wind locations are investing heavily to convert wind energy into electricity while every other country is investing in new projects of sun solar energy to produce cheap electricity. Due to the fact that the sun’s estimated life span is 4.5 billion years, it is possible to say that the sun solar energy will never run out.

The Two Types of Sun Solar Conversion

There are two common ways to convert sun solar energy, namely: direct and indirect conversion of sun solar energy.

1. Direct Conversion of Sun Solar Energy. In the direct conversion, sun solar energy can be converted into electrical or thermal energy. Conversion of sun solar energy to electricity only requires solar cells whereas conversion of sun solar energy to electricity requires solar thermal collectors.
2. Indirect Conversion of Sun Solar Energy. Indirect conversion is the other type of conversion. The prime example of indirect conversion of the sun solar energy into other forms of energy is bio-fuel technology in which the leaves of plants use the sun solar energy to produce chemical energy that can be burned later as a fuel for generating electricity. Every other energy source ultimately comes from the sun.

Sun Solar Energy’s Common Benefits

To start with the advantages of sun solar energy, the first advantage is its widespread and ever expanding applications with the advancement in technology. In order to use sun solar energy more, many energy giants and companies invested heavily. The most common application of sun solar energy is to use it in producing heat and electricity. You can find a wide variety of appliances now because of the large investments allocated for the research and development of the sun solar energy’s application.

Following are the other common uses and benefits of photovoltaic solar energy:

• Sun solar energy has large amount unlike other sources of energy Sunlight is available almost everywhere on earth and is in abundance. Among all the renewable resources, the most abundant is the sun solar energy.
• Sunlight is not only free, it is also one of the inexpensive energy source to produce electricity. The only spending you have to do to acquire sun solar energy is the startup of the sun solar project. Getting rid of the heavy electricity bills will just be easy later on as you use sun solar energy for electricity.
• The price of equipments and infrastructure for sun solar energy is diminishing as the competition for it is increasing. The decline in cost is due to the evolution of technology. The declining cost is making the use of the sun solar technology easier for common people.
• Sun solar energy is more environmental than the other energy source. Unlike other energy sources, sun solar energy does not emit harmful gases. To make the environment better, many countries spend much in sun solar energy.
• Unlike the other renewable energy sources like hydroelectricity and wind energy, sun solar energy can be used almost anywhere. Sun solar electricity can still be used to produce electricity in distant areas where power cables are unreachable.
• With the advancement in sun solar technology, the maintenance cost of sun solar systems had decreased sharply. The cost of maintenance for photovoltaic array is zero as once installed and the good thing is it could last for years.
• Compared to the other types, sun solar energy is the most consistent source. Sun solar energy is almost an unending source of energy because the sun has a life of about a billion of years.


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