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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Earth Energy For Home eBook Free

As electricity prices continually rise, along with oil and gas prices, interest in home power systems naturally raises. As most of these take the form of renewable energy (solar, wind, as well as biofuel), the goals of spending less and achieving energy independence are accompanied by environmentalism. By installing a home solar or wind energy system, you can reduce or even remove your electricity bill, achieve a measure of independence from the electric utilities, and do your part towards saving our planet.

You could find lots of guides, manuals, and also how-to books in installing solar panels for your home which are becoming more and more famous. One reason behind this is that having a solar or wind system commercially installed could cost a lot of money up front -- tens of thousands of dollars, in fact. It will take quite a long time to realize the savings on your utility bill in this way. Hence the interest in saving money on the up-front cost as well by performing the labor yourself.

Here's our Earth Energy For Home review including all of the juicy details you should know concerning this DIY home energy product. Earth Energy For Home is advertised as a guide in solar and wind power which informs you on how to wind power or wind generators and setting them up in your own power system. The guide sells for $49.97 (some pennies under $50 appears to be the going rate for guides to do-it-yourself solar and/or wind power). It offers a promise that you'll be able to make your own solar or wind system for under $200, and to save thousands of dollars as time passes on your electric bills. It's offered in e-book format, so you're able to download it immediately to your computer upon doing the buying without waiting for the shipment or paying any shipping expenses.

You can see the web site at It will present you a brief overview of the products along with a few links into more descriptive video presentations regarding wind and solar (one each). The solar power video starts off with the owner of the company as well as the author of the e-book sharing with the story of how he got laid off out of his job and got some temporary job of installing solar panels from a friend. Since he must keep costs down from his own household budget, he thought about setting up a solar system at home, but was disappointed at the cost of a fully-installed system. That converted his thinking towards a Do it yourself approach. The video provides a lot of information on the story and shows enough that the author does truly know something in regards to it.

The video on wind power has also a similar story, and with this is a less convincing. But then, it clearly shows that the author is a brilliant guy having an engineering background and a few personal experience with regards to the home electricity systems.

There is one somewhat deceptive in the advertisement for the guide, even though it is technically true, claim. It's likely to indicate that a home energy system can be built and set up for under $200. Technically, that's right. The price could possibly be under $200 in case you count all the parts for an on-grid supplemental solar system along with one solar panel putting out a few watts of power. Even so, if you wish to substantially save on your utility bill, it can cost you more than this simply because you will need multiple solar panels. However, the price will be a fraction of what you will pay a company to install such a system ready-made.

Overall, this is probably be a reasonable good guide in making and installing a green home power system. You must not underestimate the work involved in doing this, but if you don't mind a little technical learning and putting in a few hours making power sources and connecting them up to your home wiring, it will save you a lot of money over either continuing to pay high electric bills or having a solar power company install a system for you.


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