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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Guide to Building a Solarium

Adding a solarium or sunroom to a home has many benefits including added value and energy efficiency. There are other bonuses to building a sunroom as well. These include having another place to entertain or being able to grow plants indoors year-round. In the event that these benefits are appealing, there are some things to think about before beginning construction. The choice of sunroom designs varies by the room’s purpose. Another consideration people must make is whether they have the skills to build a room like this on their own or whether they need to hire a professional.

One thing to think about is how will the solarium be used. Will the room be used similar to conservatories in that it will function as a greenhouse or will it serve as a mini-retreat space? Other possibilities for the room include using it as an extra sunny space for an office or as a bonus entertainment room. For any of the last three choices, the amount of furniture that needs to be in the space is an important consideration. This will help determine a square footage for the space and what materials to use. Sunroom designs can be chosen from DIY kits or from a professional’s offerings.

A beginner should not attempt to use a DIY kit. Building a sunroom requires quite a bit of experience. Whether the choice is to hire someone or to do the job without the help of a contractor, it is important to check local zoning laws before adding a solarium. It is especially important to check them if the plans include plumbing, electric or HVAC. It is also an important aspect of the planning stages if the room will be an addition to the house rather than being developed from an existing space.Whichever method is chosen for building the space, it is necessary to think about the best materials to use in the solarium For energy efficiency, windows with a low u-value are ideal for any of the sunroom designs Another way to increase the efficiency in the room is to choose floor materials made from stone or brick. Other parts of the construction should be made with pressure-treated wood or aluminum. In addition to figuring out what materials to use, it is important to determine the location of the entryways. Using an existing doorway and making sure there are multiple entrances are the best bets for adding entryways.

There are quite a few reasons that adding a solarium is frequently beneficial. It can increase energy efficiency, add monetary value to the home and provide an extra, functional space. Building a solarium can be done in a variety of ways. A person who is well-versed in home improvement might choose a DIY kit, while a less experienced person will need to hire a contractor. Either way it is vital to check with the local government to make sure zoning laws permit building a solarium; especially if it will be an addition to a home. Sunroom designs can have a variety of functions. As a place for entertaining, as a greenhouse or as a retreat space are all ways the space can be used. Conservatories are a very versatile area that is just perfect for a living area in which to relax.


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