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Monday, February 27, 2012

How Many Solar Panels for Electricity Do I Need To Set Up?

You will have certainly noticed that your own electricity bill seemed to be gradually increasing during the past couple of years. You may know or not know exactly why this is occurring, and yet what you certainly realize is that you must discover a means for you to cut back your electricity bills. Fortunately, there's one particular very simple answer - solar panels for electricity.

The concept of converting solar power into electric power isn't new, neither is the science which will allows this to happen. By means of modern breakthroughs in modern technology and business, there is a gigantic assortment of simple to install and really cheap individual solar cells.

If you consider obtaining a photo voltaic energy panel system installed at your office or home, you ask yourself what amount of solar panels for electricity you need. There is a very easy way to discover.

Firstly you have got to find out how much power your home or office uses. An average American house uses both electrical power and gas as a power source. Gas is routinely used for heating and cooking, whilst electricity is utilized for powering the fridge, the lighting and appliances, the PC, the Television, the stereo, the washer dryer and so on . As the experts from TLC Channel indicate "most of those items average out to 600 watts on average. Over the course of Twenty four hours, you need to have 600 watts * 24 hours = 14,400 watt-hours". (

Next, you have got to give consideration to where is your house situated and how much sunlight you are usually receiving. This is a little harder to find out. Basically, what you need to work out is the total number of days of the year and how many hours of every day you will have clear skies and bright sunlight. Let's assume you have 5 hours a day.

The volume of electrical energy every photovoltaic energy panel can crank out is explained in its specification. Usually this is a power generated for every square inch indication. So if you're purchasing solar panels for electricity that will generate seventy milliwatts for every sq . in . and you know you have 5 hours of daylight every day, you'll be generating 350 milliwatts hours a day per square inch. Thus, in our example eventuality, you will need close to 41,000 square in . of photovoltaic energy panels to cover your household requirements.

Installing solar panels for electricity is a good way to cut back your house applications costs. Furthermore, they're pollution-free so they don't have any negative impact on ecology. An excellent spot to discover more about solar electricity benefits is I actually find this website to be a great informational resource, as it provides tons of useful info about solar cells and other renewable energy resources that will help reduce the financial burden of utility bills. If you're eager to learn more and learn how you can start saving money today, follow this link


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