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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Living Off The Grid In The 21st Century

Electricity, television, internet, refrigerator and a lot more; these are the things we are already accustomed to having. If we don’t any of these things we feel we are deprived of something that we should have and we need to have. Since the discovery of electricity, man has been trying to make life easier and more convenient. Before science and technology was striving hard to make everything work in just a push of a button. But now even pushing a button still seem to be too strenuous. Now, people are trying to make new gadgets that will be less demanding and less difficult.

What man and his never ending hunger for the easy life did realize is the cost of his hunger would be to the world. We actually did not realize that the price we would be paying for all of these “luxury” is something we can no longer bring back. One good example is the patch or hole in our ozone layer that is partly causing the climate change. A lot of people do not know the seriousness of this problem. It is not a problem of one or two countries only. It is not a problem of one or two continents alone. It is a global problem that we need to face.

The truth is there are a variety of ways we can enjoy life. You may or may not have heard of the term “living off the grid” but it is something that you will be hearing constantly in the years to come. Living off the grid means doing away with most of the things that’s endangering our planet and our very existence. The first thing on our list is fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is a source of power and energy with the use of coal and gas. These sources of energy emit thousands of volumes of toxic wastes including carbon. What we not know is how big the problem is right now. Australia, US, UK, Canada and Japan are just of the countries which are aggressively doing some things to stop global warming, stop the ozone from depleting and basically campaigning to the rest of world the great things about “ living off the grid” and what will happen if we do not stop these things.

In this day and age there are so many things and many improvements as well on alternative technology that we only have to embrace them in order to work. Australia and the US are one of the top countries pushing for renewable energy. There are now over a million houses in Australia on solar panels and still many more using hydro and wind power. Using these types of renewable energy isn’t that bad at all. It may seem to be expensive at first but it’s actually an investment that you have to make today to be able to save for the future. When you think of your monthly electric and water and gas bills multiply that by twelve months against the savings you’ll make after you set up your solar panels for example, that’s lot of savings already! In addition, you can somehow say that you did help in making the world a greener and better place.

Besides renewable energy, there are several areas where you can start living off the grid. Recycling, reusing and all that stuff are very helpful as well as composting your own toilet. We are now in the 21st century. Wouldn’t it be great if we have a technologically friendly environment? Think about it.

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