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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV

Every HDTV product comes with good and bad points.
In the case of the Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV, its good elements include its excellent video processing technique, automatic backlight, adequate connectivity and the Aquos Link feature.

Video processing is not the effectiveness of LCD televisions. In fact, images on LCD screens usually become blurry during fast-moving scenes.
The Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV, however, is able to make clear images even in motion because of its Fine Motion Enhanced frame-interpolation system, which develops fresh frames to insert between the actual frames, and its 120Hz video processing system, which allows it to show 120 fps instead of the standard rate of just 60.

The Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV also comes with an automatic backlight, which simply means that its fluorescent backlight dynamically adjusts to the quantity of light in the room, so you won't have to keep changing the brightness of the screen. The Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV has automatic contrast adjustments to increase the contrast ratio and create deep black levels, although these are still not as deep as those produced by Plasma televisions.

When it comes to connectivity, the Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV provides an adequate number of outputs and inputs, which are located both on the back and on the side of the panel. Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV has five HDMI connections, which is a couple more than most HDTV sets have, allowing you to plug inside your Blu-Ray player, DVD player, satellite TV box, game console and any other HDMI-capable device you could have. Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV also incorporates a VGA input for you to connect your CPU and use the HDTV as a PC monitor.

Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV contains a 10-bit LCD screen, instead of the most popular 8-bit screen, which results in smoother color gradations, and a color management system which you may tweak to modify the hue and saturation of every primary and secondary color.
The Sharp Aquos 52 lc52d64u 1080p TV has also the Aquos Link, which is similar to the Bravia Sync of Sony HDTVs and the Viera Link of Panasonic HDTVs, allowing the user to turn HDMI-capable devices off and on with the press of a single button.


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