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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Solar Energy DVDs You Should Not Miss

Solar movies are currently the fad on the Internet, however the most significant solar movies are the ones that obviously present this to you - the efficient method to make use of the power of the sun is to build your house as a passive solar home based on the climate you live in.

Climate Sensible Designs Solar Movie

In addition to our excellent building guide "Low Energy Buildings in Australia" and very easily down-loadable environmentally friendly home plans that happens to be available on our passive solar house website, we suggest the viewing of our solar movie,"Climate Sensible Designs - Living in a Home that Breathes", and also a number of other solar power video productions. These solar movies give very clear ideas of how you can empower yourself, live cheaply, in comfort and make a contribution towards saving the planet from the brutality of uncontrolled Climate Change.

David Karsten, creator and presenter of several T.V. programmes, takes you through the ecological rationale for constructing houses with respect to the sun.

Climate Sensible Designs is one among our solar energy movies and David shows how very easy it can be to feature solar passive concepts in your building design.

Once your architect determines the positioning of your stretch of land and knows the angles of the sun with regard to the different times of the year where your house will be built, he/she will know accurately where to position the windows, doors and shading for your new passive solar house.

Bear in mind, regardless of whether you live in America, Europe or Asia, the principles are still the same. Begin with some investigation on the sun angles where you are. Once you have this information you can base the positioning and aspect of your house for the very best passive solar outcomes.

More Tips From the Movie: How to Get rid of Your Power Expense

From using the sun, wind and integrating natural construction items you may substantially reduce your cooling and heating bills. In some climates you'll be able to completely eliminate electricity bills. Of course when you have a passive solar home you may choose a solar water heater and solar electricity panels using solar cells to bring your house indeed into this 21st century.

Efficient water use, natural and low energy construction materials, home gardens that befits your climate and nearby food production, will all add up to a carbon neutral or even sustainable home.

Think about now living in a solar passive dwelling, with solar panels on the roof to generate free electrical power and then a solar hot water system to provide absolutely free hot water on sunny days.

Where Can I Buy the Solar Movies

The first solar movie we made is available from our on-line shop and the information is still valid nowadays. Go directly to our shop to check out the Climate Sensible Designs solar movie or considered one of our other solar energy movies or learn more about environmentally friendly construction products elsewhere on our site.

Should you purchase our solar movie DVD, 'Climate Sensible Designs', please let us know if it has really helped your understanding of what can be done.


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