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Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Significant Function Of Green Power

For a long time many people, organizations and institutions have tried to increase people´s awareness of ecological problems and the need to preserve and to protect the planet. Among the hugest concerns that affect the environment is energy generation. The bad news are that non-renewable sources that include coal and oil produce about 85% of the energy we consume. The demands for more and more energy that would satisfied the needs of millions people would sooner or later exhaust these limited sources. In addition, mainly these fuels worsen the ecological situation on the planet. This situation makes the ecological problems urgent.

One of the main advantages of green energy is related to the global warming reduction. If people continue extracting energy from fossil based sources the earth surface will become warmer in a very short period of time. All this makes it evident that the clean energy is the best one of today’s world. Many sustainable energy companies provide professional advice and installation of solar panels for businesses and private home owners.

The use of these fossil based sources such as oil has another disadvantage. They can cause a real disaster with many bad consequences to people and nature if an oil spill occurs. When happen, these accidents significant affect the ecosystems and wildlife in the seas and ocean.

So how can we prevent all this bad scenarion? The green energy is possible with special technique that could make use of the natural sources like water, sunlight, wind, etc. There are different ways to generate green energy: hydro-power, solar power, wind energy, biomass, tidal power and geothermal energy.

Additional well-known alternative solution is taking advantage of wind power. People set up huge wind turbines that are run to produce electricity. People who live in rural and windy areas with strong and constant winds can use wind power for their advantage. Many countries, including USA, Germany, Spain, India, etc. make use of this method.

Some people make use of another method to generate energy, called biomass. It works with human and household waste, some raw wood materials, agricultural crops and major chunk. It doesn’t emit carbon dioxide or any other harmful gas into the atmosphere.

Green energy offers a safe solution to generate and use clean energy with no need to affect our only home - the earth. We still have a chanse to conserve the environment and to protect our planet from total destruction. Our children also deserve to live in save world, so the choice is yours today.


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