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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Equipment is Advantageous to Use

Products used to generate fluid power can be either single elements or complete systems. These products are available for sale via a fluid power company. One of the more prominent providers of these tools is Parker. Under this brand, you can find both Parker pneumatics and hydraulics.

Fluid power is the utilization of pressurized fluids to make, control and transmit power. Further, there are two kinds of pressurized fluids that can be used, pneumatics and hydraulics. Hydraulics refers to the utilization of liquid and pneumatics refers to the utilization of pressurized gas. Both techniques create power.

There are numerous advantages to using fluid power. To begin, it is very accurate and very easily managed. Fluid power systems also provide a consistent force. Additionally, these pieces of equipment are safe to use in hazardous environments, for example chemical plants. One example of a hydraulic fluid power system is a water jet cutter. This tool is able to cut into granite, metal and other heavy duty substances by employing high velocity, high pressure water. In addition to the previously discussed benefits, this tool is also environmentally friendly. The water jet cutter generates no waste, recycles water over-spray using a closed loop system and does not put off dust or smoke, therefore eliminating all airborne harms. Next, one function of the other kind of fluid power is with a pneumatic powered ratchet. This is used for tightening and loosening bolts on cars and other heavy duty machinery. It is an excellent tool when working in small confined spaces and can improve productivity. Also in addition to the previously mentioned advantages, this pneumatic device together with others have lengthy lives and require little maintenance. Further, if power is lost, these tools are capable of storing compressed gas, therefore can continue to function.

In addition to these two examples, there are various other uses of fluid power. This technological innovation has been in existence for years and its utilization provides many advantages.


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