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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is It Worthwhile To Switch Over To Using Solar Energy|Just What Are The Positive Aspects And The Expenses Of Employing Solar Energy|A Lot Of People Are Usually Wondering If Solar Energy Is Really A Practical Option}

We are probably all conscious that using solar power is going to help beat global warming, even if we do not quite know how. There are plenty of benefits associated with solar energy, however there are also a few bad things which you need to know prior to spending in it.

It's a fact that installing solar energy panels can greatly decrease one's energy spending, and this is among the main benefits for people. A fantastic benefit of making use of solar energy panels is that you can say bye to those money draining monthly energy bills. There's a catch, needless to say, installing solar energy panels is not cheap. Initially, you'll have to fork out a large sum of cash for the panels and installation, nevertheless in the long run you'll save cash and you have essentially got a free power source once you have earned back your investment. Needless to say, if you use hardly any power then it'll take you quite a long time to get your money's worth, but if you use a lot of electricity then you benefit more quickly. Some assistance with the up front expense may be forthcoming from the government if it is one of those which rewards transferring to solar power.

Many people right now are interested in decreasing their carbon footprint , and solar energy scores handsomely in this regard. Solar energy generation does not call for any combustion or emissions, unlike conventional fuel sources, which is why it's called "clean" - the direct advantage being that it is not harmful to the environment and our health. The immediate outcome is that neither global warming nor acid rain is added to. The sun is the ultimate source of solar energy, and as long as it keeps giving off energy, solar energy is going to be freely available to us.

Solar panels, which are the "locomotive engines" of solar energy, are essentially flat and if placed on rooftops are not obvious - if you set them on the ground, though, they can be as hard on the eye as wind turbines, something to be regarded when deciding on their location. Naturally, to generate energy expeditiously, the panel have to be set in direct sun. Likewise, solar panels are quiet and odorless, so draw no attention in this manner.

Solar energy systems don't demand upkeep, other than initial installation and they will last for years, meaning you can set them up and leave them there for many, many years. There are, however, issues with solar energy, one of the most essential being they are unable make energy there is no sun. No sunlight doesn't mean no energy though, since a back-up system such as a battery could be put in place. This requires extra funds, but the solar energy can charge the batteries so you wouldn't have to spend money recharging them.

You should most definitely investigate solar energy as an alternative power source. It's clean and saves you cash in the long run, even if there are initial costs to have it set up. If you're looking to lower your energy expenses and care about the environment, then solar energy looks to be the way forward.

People's understanding of the term green living varies a lot. Fearful that it may taint them as radicals, several people are even skeptical of discovering more about it. But other individuals are glad to adopt any part of it, and even find out more. Green living isn't a life that a person has to shift right away. It's really not about making an extreme change to your life. Rather, it's a new way of living that can be followed little by little. There are simple ways of slowly embracing living in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Deciding to change your way of life to become more green will not only help save resources, but is helpful to saving you money. Seemingly small things like recycling glass, plastic or paper are effective alterations you can easily make. Electricity is being used even when devices are on standby, so see to it that you turn them off. Savor free natural light when the sun is shining; only flip the lights on when needed, and then only for as long as you really need to. There are a lot of minor things that you can do in order to save money on water bills. Taking baths rather than lengthy showers to turning the water off while brushing or shaving will save water, especially when done regularly daily.

When it turns into a habit, you will scarcely even know that you are doing these things, and they will make a big difference in your life. Over time, you'll find that taking care of the small things naturally evolves into larger things, till one day you realize you're no longer the same person. Waste not, want not, is a phrase that used to be very well-known, but has kind of dropped by the wayside. As well as help preserving the earth, you can save money, just by sticking to those changes every day. It might appear trivial, but the truth is that it accumulates greatly as time goes.

It's staggering to think what could be achieved if just a modest number of greening changes were made by many people. Every action, even a thing like throwing away a Wendy house outgrown by the kids, that is implemented in a green living manner is supportive of our environment. People will never realize how much money they can save on petrol until they try walking places, or taking a bus, rather than always driving each time.

A growing number of people are attempting to conserve by living without the newest conveniences. Yes, it's true that often it's a choice forced upon them by financial hardship. Some are consciously doing it to minimize their own impact on the earth. It is true that if only one individual is doing this, it won't have much effect, but if that one turns into hundreds, and then thousands, until it is millions, the whole world will change for the better.

Apart from using solar energy of which yields solar energy, green living is definitely the most dependable technique to safeguard the environment.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Green Living Information - Fact Or Fiction?

Numerous folks are not sure exactly what green living is as it remains a new concept. Green living is so much more than merely buying a hybrid car or buying organic produce. Some myths about the green way of living are being circulated and it's time to put them to rest. It is a misbelief that planting some trees will decrease global warming. When you consider regions with cold climates, this is not true. Our planet actually becomes warmer when you plant more trees in the more northern regions of the globe. Planting trees in cities is the means to benefit the earth. Doing this is good since the trees help to cleanse exhaust fumes from the air.

Furthermore, it's pretty common to hear the myth that it is better for our planet to stop using plastic bags and use paper bags alternatively. The fact is that neither is good when we talk about carbon emissions. They both trigger carbon emissions when producing them, and also when eliminating them. While paper bags are not optimal, they are a better alternative than plastic bags. A much better alternative is the recyclable bag that can be used again and again. The most practical and most efficient of these bags are bags made of cloth.

Yet another prevalent myth is that it is better to drive a car to your destination rather than to get on a plane. Going by car is better than getting on an airplane pretty much only if your vehicle is fuel efficient. An even better alternative is to carpool as often as you can so you can reduce your driving. Anything that will decrease the number of miles driven collectively, globally, will help greatly. Another one of the myths about adopting a green lifestyle is that you need to get your food locally. When buying food, it is more important to determine how it is made than where. To be truly green, the food must be organically grown. Just because food is locally farmed does not mean that it is grown organically. It doesn't matter if you farm the food yourself or get it at the store; how it is grown determines how green it is.

One final myth claims that electric-powered cars are eco-friendly. This certainly isn't true when the electricity comes from power plants generated through coal. Electric automobiles will be good for the earth when the electricity is generated by renewable energy sources. Most of the myths surrounding green living are simply myths because they don't take the whole story into consideration.

Green living is a terrific way to live life. When you do it right, you're getting the most benefit. You don't want to spend your time and money doing things to help the earth when they don't really work.

Real or not it is important that we have to get started defending our surroundings in a way that we should at least seek to use the power from the sun by means of solar energy ne. This particular power from the sun is frequently called renewable energy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Survival Stamina - Organic Wheatgrass Health Benefits: Why Good Health Should Be Your Top Goal

For several individuals, health and well-being only comes second to earning a consistent income. Obviously the generations following the spike of the interweb, the development of grave-yard business shifts, and also the boom of late night social gatherings and celebrations, all have led to the neglect and misuse of some individuals with the rest periods. Even now, the simple eight-hour sleeping regimen, which was conceived and then considered by a lot of health workers to be the body's sole method of going through most of the emotional stress of everyday living, is now becoming slowly taken out of context with dodgy hospital findings, that claim that reduced sleep may benefit the human body. Normally, the human body needs enough rest, and too little sleep will not only harm the human body, however it might also impact an individual's emotional and mental condition.

It has been proven time and again that the body needs a good eight hours of sleep every day to operate properly. Irrespective of this fact however, many people are still forcing their vigor and energy into applying themselves too thin, by doing so a lot of things, in so little time, with the idea of gaining extra income. Obviously, finances are essential, but what use would money be should the body fail to keep up with the stresses of day-to-day work. Great health needs to be the very first and one of the biggest investments somebody should look into prior to taking a job, or attempting to earn a regular income. With a sound body comes greater performance at work, and consequently, a proficient personnel gets the praise and higher salary than those that happen to be not capable of employed in optimum condition.

Organic Wheatgrass and the Circadian Rhythm

One important thing that medical professionals are concerned about with regards to the human body's boundaries in fast-paced and high-pressure working environments, is always that at specific points in time, the body will be forced beyond its normal limits and rhythm. Individuals who are employed in telemarketing companies or virtual offices that run 24/7, develop the routine of staying up late and playing with the human body's natural clock for waking and sleeping. This affects not merely the physical factor of the body, it may also result in a lot of mental and behavioral issues if it carries on.

Good Health in a Balanced Circadian Rhythm and Proper Dieting

One of the best ways to accomplish a sound body is through eating superfoods like Wheatgrass. Organic Wheatgrass Powder is without doubt one of the best food supplements, that can assist to supply the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins that could protect the body from illnesses, enhance the body's ability to cleanse and rid toxic compounds or pathogens within the main bodily organs. With super-foods and a well-balanced circadian rhythm, a person may not merely live longer, but may also experience a fuller life.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Is Parrot AR Drone Coming this Year?

CES 2010 was where we first heard of the Parrot AR.Drone, a radio-controlled quadricopter that installed by means of Wi-Fi with an iPhone software. So, 2 yrs afterward, that product is out as well as positive -- now, out of date. Parrot utilised CES 2012 a couple weeks ago to put out the AR.Drone 2.0, a revolutionary new variation of the flying drone that's set to arrive for the same exact price at a later date this season.

A week ago on CES, we got to fly the drone around through its paces. There's genuinely a quite noticeable big difference in the newest variation as soon as you get behind the wheel: It's much, harder to crash. Part of the reason for that is updates on the drone's software as well as firmware, however the type for 2.0 makes the craft much stronger, plus a brand new onboard compass (alongside several other technology) means it's simpler to fly as well. Things are way more sturdy, and so the drone by itself are capable of doing rather more of the task of just staying in the environment. You, the flyer can concentrate on moving it close to.

Apart from basic customization, in addition there are a different function used called "Absolute Control." This permits the drone to fly in the specified track, no matter the spot where you see it to get. It's not easy to make a case for in barely text, however the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 "knows" the place it's seeking, even though you turn it over around. For the majority of people, keeping it experiencing identically even though slanting your iPad or perhaps iPhone to maneuver the unit is much more easy-to-use than requiring you to keep track of both the track you're in truth slanting also, the track the drone is flying. Interpreting how it will work is perplexing, however it can make flying the drone far less so.

The drone layout by itself seems slightly scaled-down than before, however it's in fact with regard to the similar size. Rather than the design thing, a few of the equipment is enhanced, with all the vulnerable things on the initial brand to be the principal objectives for the refresh. You will also find completely new cameras on board; they're going to skyrocket to 720p HD video, so this means even on a tablet screen video from the drone is obvious as well as crisp.

The AR.Drone 2.0 is a vital progression on Parrot's currently well-liked design. With $299, the AR.Drone is a quite over-priced gadget (professionally made as it might be). The more stable control system, even so, and also the addition of the 720p camera and its record traits attest the Drone 2.0 is worth one more look, even if you passed on the first one by. We're set to get a review type at a later date this season, and so stay tuned for an much more in-depth look at exactly how it all functions. The gadget itself is believed to be presented in Q2. Find more details on the official site.

An eBook On Understanding Nuclear Fusion And Global Warming

It is crucial that we do what we can to help lessen the effects of climate change on our world. A downloadable book called The Nuclear Fusion eBook will allow you to understand the issue and it is packed with information. The price tag on the book is only $14.95 and includes a money back guarantee. The ebook is going to explain about the option to utilizing sustainable energy and will show what is going to happen to our planet if we just simply squander our resources.

Many people simply shrug off climate change, either not trusting what the people say about it, or think it is up to the government to resolve the problem. Global warming is having a few unintended side effects on our environment and is explained in the book. When the earth has an increase in temperature, it becomes a place where insects, pests and rodents increase in numbers, and bring disease with them. What we are already experiencing with more flooding, droughts, and severe weather, along with sea levels rising. Natural disasters are taking the lives of thousands of people everywhere as well as wrecking valuable property.

The higher temperatures as a result of climate change in addition has brought on a rise in numerous people's power bill. If you look at your electric bill the last couple of years, you will notice the increase in the cost per watt. If people are ready to take action, the eBook could have the answer to resolve this serious problem. There are plentiful resources in nature that are waiting to be utilized. As a society, we must recognize if these resources are ready for us to be utilized. They're clean sources of power, which could transform our planet from the extremely polluted society it now is.

There might be some good info in this book that you probably never read before. Discover ways to attain a carbon-free economy very quickly, and get insights on how to be a step in advance. This Nuclear Fusion eBook can help you contribute to a better world in the future, while showing you how to reduce energy costs. In case you are keen on understanding how climate change is affecting your life, and what governments are doing about it, this book is for you. The ebook will show you what nuclear fusion is about and why it is best option for clean energy. You'll find out a whole lot if you aren't very familiar with the issues involving climate change.

With so much noise in the media, it is hard to figure out if climate change is a reality or not. This eBook, Nuclear Fusion eBook, provides you with lots of information, but it really is still up to you to decide whether you believe it. You should think about this ebook if you're worried about the effects of climate change.

Solar Panels
Solar Power

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Green Lifestyle to Bequeath Our Children a Healthy Future

We inhabit a world where toxins are adversely affecting everything in nature, and we're seeing terrible effects like acid rain and global warming. It would be marvelous if we could continue to exist on this great planet without destroying it in the process. For city-dwellers it might seem like a tantalising mirage to think of inhaling cool, clean air into their lungs, with no harmful poisons or toxins. The thing is, this is no longer possible; we humans have ensured that with the pollution we've created we'll be breathing in airborne poisons, which can impair our habitat and ultimately our health.

Our enormous oceans, which make up most of the earth's surface, are being poisoned by pollutants, mainly toxins and oil, which have a devastating impact on the life found in the ocean and as a result of that it affects us. Generations of fishermen used to provide many people with an income, but pollution is quickly putting paid to those livelihoods. Towns have depended on fishing for such a long time, for both food and economic prospects, and now all of this is coming to an end for many. Still fresh in our memories is the Deepwater Horizon oil leak, which gave abundant testimony to the disastrous effect of oil spills, causing the loss of many jobs and costing billions of dollars. So much wildlife died in that episode, not simply fish but birds as well, influencing the whole eco system which can cause no end of problems in the food chain. All brought about by humans and their thirst for oil, with virtually no thought, except in hindsight, for Mother Earth and her many other children.

As the world's known oil reserves creep toward exhaustion, billions are pumped into exploration for new fields, money which could be used to broaden and develop green energy production. Present green energy solutions, which do no damage to the environment, are capable of providing a lot of our energy needs. Take solar panels by way of example, they will work efficiently in sun-drenched locations and they can produce electricity as well as heat up water. And something that's every bit as simple in concept, wind turbines, makes use of another free resource (wind) to make energy. So long as the wind blows - and some turbines work effectively at low wind speeds - a wind turbine will work, which is a neat advantage. Oil is destroying our planet and it will at some point run out, so it's crucial to invest in green energy production now more than ever. If we did that, global warming as well as the other ruinous effects of pollution could actually be stopped, and just possibly reversed.

The primary beneficiaries will be ourselves, and of course our descendants in the longer term. We desire for our children to grow up surrounded by all the splendor the planet is endowed with, happy and without fear of violent, distressing weather events and food shortages. Beginning to live green, and looking after the environment, is the only way we can ensure this.

It will be worth all the money, time and substantial effort required, if we can stop the relentless march of the harm we are doing to our planet.

Start off getting the favorable future of all your family by using economy method of obtaining energy, a gas safe register source produced through the power from the sun's rays through solar panels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Lot Of Eco-Friendly Living Has To Do With Common Sense

It is pretty incredible how much of a significant difference earth friendly living can have, of course you have to consider certain factors.

We're a bit surprised that more folks aren't involved with the living green movement, considering how frequently we come across the words recycle, reduce and reuse. Before it is too late, we truly should start making a real effort to impact the environment in a positive manner. It doesn't take a lot to get started on making a significant contribution, only several little changes.

First, how about purchasing more of your food from local providers - you'll absolutely be healthier, if you do. Certainly, you have been to a local farmer's market, and noticed all of the things they're selling. Beyond that, there are sure to be a lot of small, family-owned businesses you can shop for bread and other baked goods, meat and produce. This food is almost not merely heartier and fresher, but the local economy gets some support. While checking out their goods, you also get a chance to speak to actual producers to find out about any hormones, preservatives or pesticides that may have been utilized. Since these goods are produced locally, there's no need to burn up a lot of fossil fuel transporting them to your region.

It is trusted what you have uncovered in the article in regards to earth friendly living, and also the particular details about alternative energy, is of use for you. Please keep reading even more to acquire supplemental ideas to do with this topic.

Maybe you could think about using multipurpose containers to carry your lunch to work as opposed to going out to lunch daily. A great deal of waste is produced in the way we package goods, so making use of reusable containers whenever possible is a truly good idea. It's less complicated to choose the exact size or amount you need too. It is a superb idea to bring along some reusable silverware too. Food packaged by the serving is a huge waste of packaging, instead of getting food in huge quantities. If you will take the extra time to compost your leftover fruits and vegetables, your garbage going to the landfills can be diminished. You don't even need to grow a garden - there's always another person living nearby who'd love to have your compost.

There are a couple of tips for saving electricity when you are cooking. When you are boiling water, use a lid on the pot, since it boils quicker when it is covered. Be sure to lessen the heat as soon as the water starts boiling. Pre-heating the oven also uses energy needlessly, as this is not necessary for nearly all foods. Speaking of your oven, when cooking things like roasts you can ordinarily turn it off for the last fifteen minutes of cooking, because the leftover heat will do the trick.

Does all this appear like a great waste of time to you? Well, nothing could be more wrong. Several of these things are so simple you could do them daily. It would probably amaze us all to see how much energy would be saved, by doing these little things by enough people.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Emergency Preparedness - They Are No More


Some groups have been planning to make disasters and emergencies to happen, on purpose. They even know how to use science or technology, to make hurricanes and earthquakes to happen.
Folks have been heard talkin about the

fake illuminati (see video for explanation):


jesuit order. (click on link for facts about them):

I have heard them say that those politicians "control everythin". No, that is not what they do.

I am goin to tell you what they DO. Here is what the Bible's prophecies say about them:

They disappear. They vanish. They are gone. They are no more.
They get sick, they die. They are eliminated. They are no more.
You saw them yesterday, today they are gone. They are no more.
They are dead.

Survival lists will do them no good at all.

They are already dead and gone. Hurray!

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Help Build Your Arsenal Here For Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement is an area where a consumer can be easily disappointed. Poor planning, hiring the wrong contractor, and tackling jobs that you're not prepared for are all reasons for this. In this article we will discuss some important tips to help your next home improvement project go well. Read on to learn more.

Installing CFL bulbs is a great way to save money and save the environment, but you must know how to clean one up in the event it breaks. Clear pets and people from the area to let the room air out (the bulbs contain mercury). Then clean up the glass fragments, using duct tape to carefully pick up the smallest pieces. Double-bag the broken bulb for disposal, and vacuum the area thoroughly, emptying the bag or canister immediately afterward.

When working on a home improvement project, make sure to buy high quality materials. You can save money initially if you buy appliances or cabinets that have imperfections but using these materials could reduce the value of your residence. If you always purchase the best for your home, the results will be astonishing.

Try expanding your storage spaces in your home. Old houses tend to not have enough closet space. If your storage areas are cramped, try adding wire or laminate closet systems to places like your bedrooms, entry closets, and pantries. They can help your home look more spacious or more customizable.

Instead of trying to update bathrooms to go with current trends, it is a better idea to keep things neutral. The reason for that is the fact that styles change and there is a chance that what looks good now, may be considered dated at the time you wish to sell your home.

An inexpensive way to improve your home with a small cost is to plant a tree. Future landscaping will help maximize the value of your home. The tree you plan now will grow into a great mature shade feature. A properly placed tree can also save on your cooling costs by as much as 40 percent.

To create a modern focal point in your living room or study, consider installing a new stone, brick, or wood mantel for the area above your fireplace. If your fireplace already has a mantel, you can have it sanded and refinished to change its look. You could also update it by staining the brick or concrete with a rich color.

Few realize just how easy it is to install a new light fixture in homes that were built within the last ten years ago. Most overhead lights now include all the wires and screws needed; in most cases the only wiring required is to connect the circuit box of the new fixture to the wires in your ceiling. Look for everything-included kits, which are designed for the average homeowner and include useful resources to help you through the process.

Improve the resale value of your home, by remodeling the kitchen. Modern appliances, quality counter-tops and plenty of cabinet space gives the kitchen a better selling point. Families congregate in the kitchen, as it's one of the most used areas of the home.

To reduce the number of unwanted pests in your home, cut back shrubbery and plants that are close to the windows. These plants are great homes to insects and spiders. If they rub up against your house and windows, they can easily crawl inside to find a warm dry place. Cut back these bushes to a foot or more from the side of the house and under the windows.

For a unique alternative to wood flooring, consider covering your floor with brown kraft paper. You can find a variety of techniques described on the internet. Generally, the kraft paper is adhered to the floor with white glue. It can be painted or stained before you apply several coats of polyurethane to seal it.

A good home improvement tip is to make sure the repair company your working with has liability insurance. If they don't have liability insurance, you could be at risk of losing a lot of money if the job isn't done well. A quick step of verifying their insurance is all it takes.

Changing a tire can be problematic if you don't happen to be a very strong person. Loosening the lug nuts, in particular, can take more strength than many of us have. Use a cheater bar! A yard long piece of pipe that is just big enough to fit over the end of your lug wrench will give you that extra leverage to get the job done.

When planning a home renovation with your contractor, be honest about your budget. While many homeowners fear that they will get ripped off by a contractor if it is known how much money they have to spend, the reality is that being honest will get you better results. The contractor is free to budget for better work and higher-quality materials if they know your true cost ceiling.

Doing the home improvements yourself can give you a lot of pride and joy. The money that you can save from doing the improvements on your own could be used somewhere else or to do more improvements in the future. Following the directions in the books will make the work quick, easy and rewarding.

If you are looking for the best home accessories for your home, then I strongly suggest you check out the lct200w or you can learn more about Dewalt 18 volt now.

Some Solutions One Could Use To Benefit You As Well As The Planet?

Anyone that has certainly utilized fuel as well as oil are able to unwillingly say that green energy is cleaner, more safe, as well as cheaper. However lots of people don't know ways to carry out green energy in to their lives. Therefore here are merely a few of the many ways that green energy can be good for your residence as well as your life.

Turn off the kitchen, bathroom, as well as any other exhaust admirers as soon as you no longer need them. Some people leave the admirers on for 20 minutes or so, however it is much better to leave them on for no longer than five minutes after showering, bathing, or cooking is finished.

Plant a hardwood tree in your backyard. The hardwood tree improves the air degree in the environment, assists the air to cleanse itself, as well as if the tree generates fruit or nuts, it likewise adds to your family's food supply. This, in turn, diminishes treks to the grocery store and saves fuel for your vehicle.

It is a good concept to take shorter as well as cooler showers as a means of saving energy. When you take shorter, cooler showers, you are both utilizing less water, as well as a lot more significantly, less hot water which means your water heater is not exhausting as much energy. It may take some acquiring utilized to, however a cooler quicker shower is a habit worth developing.

Solar Panels

You do not have to develop a passive home to go green with modern technology. One means to help with lessening energy is by utilizing solar panels in your residence. Solar power harnesses the power from the sun which is at that point utilized to give energy to points like getting hot water, drying clothing as well as maintaining your residence warm throughout the winter. Solar power is likewise pollution free of cost as well as assists to lower the carbon impact along with some other greenhouse gasolines as well as awful emissions.

Continue as well as do some research on solar panels. You may learn a ton regarding how they absolutely profit the environment. Don't come to be inhibited at their rate, a ton of business deliver payment plans when you acquire solar panels for your residence. The authorities likewise assists you by offering you a levy write off.

Substitute Power

Solar panels are surely not the sole means to go green. To help you increase your clean-energy usage, strive utilizing wind energy. Wind is a very clean kind of alternative energy, as well as it may help you rip your electrical power expense a ton. If this answer hobbies you, contact your regional authority to guarantee you have suitable zoning as well as guarantee you have adequate room.

Sensibly reprocessing gadgets is a wonderful means to maximize resources. When people think about green energy they think about alternative energy. Nevertheless, it is just as crucial to obtain the most from the non-renewable resources that we utilize as it is to reduce our utilization. Reusing gadgets avoids unnecessary polluting of landfills and also reuses resources that non-renewable.

Green energy can be a fantastic addition to your life. Read through the tips in this post as well as placed them in to practice around your residence as well as in your life. You will definitely rapidly understand that green energy can be a wonderful thing for you. All you need to do is to start utilizing it.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

David Lee's Big List For Survival Kits

The Big List is an online collection of information from various survival books pertaining to suggested survival kits and what should be included in them.
Ranging from sources like FEMA and The Backpacker’s Handbook, The Big List offers many different perspectives on what should be prepared when organizing a survival kit or bugout bag.
These various checklists for survival preparedness cover categories such as: food & drink, first aid, large and pocket size survival kits, fishing, woodcraft, environmental protection, and  social survival.