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Sunday, October 14, 2012

What You Need To Know About EMP Survival

Something strange just took place. Your mobile phone, MP3, and electricity have mysteriously shut off simultaneously. You go out to your car and attempt to start it… nothing. Then, an unusual nagging hits you that you know what’s happening, however, you can’t quite put your finger into it.

First we must discuss a bit more about what’s going to happen in the first couple of days of the attack. On day one, everyone will probably assume the power will be back in just minutes or the following day. That means that things won't be frantic, people will 't be worried, and stores will most likely still be open.

Next stop is to the pharmacy (again, many Wal-Marts and other supermarkets have pharmacies also, and one stop is better than several stops). You'll need some basic first-aid supplies, and a few more advanced first-aid supplies if you are a nurse or doctor. Antibiotics undoubtedly are a high priority, as even the smallest of cuts can get infected without correct care. Antibiotics also heal a few things, therefore if you can, get some. In case you require any medications, get them here and obtain as much as possible.

If you fully make the most of Day 1, and you prepared before hand, you'll be better off than anybody in your town in the days to come, That can bring us to another subject: the city you reside in. Your town will be your government. In the eventuality of an E.M.P., Martial Law will be declared inside of days. The smaller the town you reside in, the better off you will be.

Day 2 of the E.M.P. strike may also be beneficial. Organize what you have and help others get organized as well. Once you are set and ready, help others in your community know very well what is going on, but do this without creating a panic. Tell others what they need to do to get ready, and start finding people with valuable skills, for example nurses and doctors, plumbing technicians, electricians, mechanics, dentists, skilled hunters and fisherman, gunsmiths, and even some military or ex-military types that could serve as community guards. Skills like these may make a community sink or float in the Crisis Backup.

On Day 3 individuals are about to start figuring out what's going on. Individuals will know that the ability isn’t coming on, and there may well be a huge rush on the stores. Widespread looting will take place, and people may be ready to hurt you for supplies. Don't leave your home if you suspect panic, and merely hope that you obtained enough supplies to last you for at least a little while because there will be nothing left after the looting occurs. So for more information about Crisis Management, go to the the Crises Management website.


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