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Thursday, November 15, 2012

LDS Food Storage Lists: An Primer of Spam

The Latter Day Saints expect their members to keep an emergency food stock. These food provisions can be necessary in case of disaster, and this supply secures the safety of your spouse and children. For this reason, imperishable food is core for one’s emergency supply essentials. The food stock does not only help your spouse and children but also helps any worse off neighbors. Dried and canned foods are the most frequent products in a LDS ration storage and with emergency items.

Herein, we share with to you three differing positions on Spam: those of the convenience fan, the scripture fan, and the health fan.

A LDS food storage list or your emergency supply essentials should contain edible ingredients that will keep for extremely long periods of time without refrigeration. Additionally, a LDS food storage should similarly provide a healthy diet, need no preparation, and have substantial calories.

Protein is an necessary nutrient in one’s everyday diet, and it cannot be overlooked in an LDS food storage list or in your emergency supply essentials. Spam appears towards the start of a LDS food storage list because it is a proficient source of protein. Canned spam can be a great addition in one’s emergency supply essentials because it has multiple functions, for the oil in preserved meat could be applied to be a replacement candle. Spam was popularly utilized during the wars, since fresh meat wasn’t available. Today, spam is used for sandwich filling and spam fritters. Spam is a precooked meat available as preserved food and was initially launched in 1937 by Hormel Foods Corporation.

Thoughts of the Uncritical Consumer about Spam

Spam is a mixture of previously ground ham mixed with potato starch, sodium nitrite, sugar, and salt. Spam has a unique taste, since it tastes like ham with a little portion of pork. It can be utilized in sandwiches or salads, alongside cheese and eggs, or fried or baked. For an earnest individual who enjoys variety and spice, spam is an affordable wellspring of proteins. They are packaged for convenience and can be bought in twelve ounce and seven ounce tins which are simply to stock. This accessibility is great for your emergency supply essentials. They are low in price and taste scrumptious. Spam can be purchased in various varieties, like smoked, low sodium, black pepper, hot and spicy, jalapeno, etc. Fully cooked spam is nice for outdoorsy adventures like camping or hiking. Also spam is the most efficient disaster storage meat found in the LDS food storage list. It can be eaten cold or hot, when and where you please, saving your time. Therefore, spam is frequently an easy addition for emergency items.

Thoughts from the Health-conscious Consumer

Spam is a reliable source of meat that you can get in a container, though health conscious consumers rarely see the product to be a wise food decision. Spam presents various varieties of meats and each has its own set of nutrional characteristics. Spam's classic luncheon meat has extremely high fat and it lists 15 grams of fat, 170 calories, and an additional six grams of saturated fat in every serving. It also contains 775 mg of sodium, which is just about half of the advised daily sodium intake, and a handful of preservatives. Diets with high saturated fat may raise one’s risk of coronary heart diseases, and due to this, someone who considers their health often avoids spam. Even more, the fatty substance in pork might get deposited in your body and becomes the root cause for heart attacks and other coronary heart associated diseases. Therefore, a health-conscious individual will seek to replace it with other protein products like lean meats and tuna. Each have less fat.

Thoughts from the Scripture-follower

The faithful followers of Christ who follow the teachings in the Bible know that it does not condone the eating of pork in the Book of Leviticus (11:7-8), Book of Deuteronomy (14:8), and the Book of Isaiah chapter 65 Verses 2-5.

Many scientific facts have proven that pork causes many forms of afflications, and the swine is an extremely filthy animal. Even more, there are chemical additives added to spam to lengthen their range of edibility and to induce flavorings that make it more attractive. Some consumers are knowledgeable about the effects of additives within their bodies, and some stay oblivious to it.

Pre-preparing food has developed into a widespread practice that lengthens the range of edibility in foods that would otherwise spoil, though most consumers do not consider the use of preservatives. Solely the health-conscious are alert to these chemical poisons.

Having said that, including spam in your LDS food storage list or emergency gear varies on your philosophy on spam.

Could you please give us a moment to discuss your opinion? Any comments are appreciated greatly. Thank you for your input!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My opinion? When things turn ugly food will be food, and people will eat whatever they can. The new age health nuts will eat spam if that is all there is.

November 16, 2012 at 7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a graduate Catholic theologian/historian of religion, let me point out that the pig was a *ritually* unclean animal because of its connection to the ancient pre-Israelite and pre-Qu'ranic goddesses. It is not a filthy animal if properly husbanded. Maimonides, a physician as well as religious commentator, introduced the idea that the Biblical prohibition was a matter of disease. Fewer than one percent of people who contract trichinosis from swine die, but the death rate from anthrax carried by the descendants of the Golden Calf is extraordinarily high, as the anthrax scare some years ago made clear. You must have sophisticated medical intervention to survive anthrax. Trichinosis will abate after four or five very painful days. The health objections to pork are based solely on its archaic religious affiliation but that does not stop those who read Scripture uncritically and a-historically from assuming that this is a divine scientific judgment and punishment. If pork were poison, there wouldn't be many Irish, Germans or Chinese. As it is, in toto they considerably outnumber Jews, Latter Day Saints and even Muslims. And it is my understanding of Judaism and Islam that one may abrogate the Law so as to save a life if there is no other viable option. Would you let your child or your mother die of starvation when there was Spam available? I last tasted Spam in 1946 so I am in no position to offer gustatory appreciation, but if I am without other protein, please be assured I'll reach for Spam.

November 16, 2012 at 9:37 PM  

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