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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Best Ways to Avoid Plumbing Emergencies at Home

Leaking gas, damaged pipes and drains that are clogged are some of the emergencies that will need the attention of the plumber. The interesting thing is that they all can be avoided if we take better care of our plumbing system from the beginning. Most people take far better care of their cars than they do their homes, meaning the car will always look good than their home. Having the plumbing system maintained often will help prevent these emergencies as well as lessen the expenses for any repairs that will need to be done to restore the system. Preventing plumbing emergency situations can help lessen the cost of repairs by attending to the ones that you can fix yourself.

Every time we delay to fix the issue, the worse they become. Most of the home owners have no knowledge when it comes to these repairs, upkeep, and installation. Figuring out how to handle them will be advantageous as one can save a lot in return. Turning off the source of water is one way to avoid leaks when you are away from the home. The key is to be conscious of where the main valve is which is on the ground outside the home. The fixtures inside the home can be switched off separately in case of minor leaks. Pipes are inclined to bursting if the water freezes inside them as they expand. Thawing with hot water can help prevent the pipes splitting leading to a plumbing emergency situation.

When thawing, it should be done lightly and never with a flame that is naked. Always ensure the pipes are well insulated to stand the cold conditions without getting damaged. Blocked toilets and drains are other emergency concerns that need to be managed as a matter of urgency, otherwise if neglected, it could lead to catastrophic situations. A plumber's snake or plunger can help eliminate the obstruction. Examine the drainage for food particles, scum from soap, hair and any other debris that may be causing the blockage. Preventing plumbing emergency situations is required in every home.

The plumbing vents and ducts need to be cleaned ad vacuumed regularly to eliminate the build up of grease and soot that will prevent the circulation of the air. All opening of the pipes that connect the rooms need to be checked often as it is a plumbing task that is indispensable. Avoid throwing items like papers tin the drains that will cause them to block as this will cause for emergency plumbing that would be quite costly.

Even the tiniest leaks or cracks can eventually cause disastrous situations if not taken care of early. Seal all the cracks with correct compounds and caulk that is water resistant. Check the pipes often so as to identify the issue on the onset rather than when the damage is extensive. It is important to know who to call as they can help you in knowing what is wrong with your system and what needs to be done to rectify or prevent further damages. Remember the damages are very expensive and preventive measures need to be in place at all times.

Call up your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing expert for help in emergency situations. You may also view their video below to know more about them. On the East Coast near DC, contact them at 2600 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910, 301-830-8010.


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