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Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to Store Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seed-Stock
If you're thinking about purchasing a quantity of top quality heirloom seeds for the vegetable backyard garden, make sure you take a moment and find out more info on them.

Heirloom Seeds Explanation
Vegetable seeds that have been very carefully picked and handed down from one age group to a new one are classified as heirloom seeds simply because they're as precious, or maybe more so, than other items which are thought of as heirloom treasures.

So why Pick Heirloom Seeds?
The reason folks favor these types of plant seeds is simply because:
• They often are the best of the best
• They are really simple to raise
• They can reproduce as opposed to hybrid seed-stock
• They make better tasting veggies

Emergency Survival Seeds
These types of plant seeds are likely to be chosen as being emergency seeds simply because they will produce food, which in turn, provides more seed for future plants. Non-hybrid vegetable seeds are very unique in comparison to the ordinary seed-stock you will find in your neighborhood farm supply simply because they're open pollenated as well as , non-gmo (not genetically changed).

Heirloom Seed Storage
Just like other things, heirloom seeds and even heirloom tomato seeds should be correctly taken care of if you want to maintain them for possible future use. According to Master Gardner Lynn Hall, "the absolute best jar for long term storing of heirloom survival plant seed products is actually a glass jar that has a decent seal within the lid." He goes on to mention that any type of used, cleansed pickle jar or even spaghetti jar would work because the lids were made to reseal.

You ought to put your heirloom seeds in to a zip lock bag, put desiccant into your jar then put your entire zip lock plastic bag into your jar then properly secure the top.

If you are planning to freeze the vegetable seeds, you ought to be mindful of the water content of the seeds prior to deciding to freeze them. Allow the desiccant to soak up moisture prior to freezing to keep from doing damage to your heirloom seeds.

By using these suggestions and seed storing steps, you'll have high quality heirloom seeds for your extended future usage!


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