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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to Store Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Plant seeds
If you're thinking about buying a variety of top quality heirloom plant seeds for the vegetable garden, you really should take a minute in order to find out a bit more about them.

Heirloom Seeds Explanation
Plant seeds which were very carefully picked and handed down from one generation to a different one are called heirloom seeds considering that they can be as valued, or maybe more so, when compared with other items which are thought of as heirloom treasures.

So why Select Heirloom Seeds?
The main reason many people desire these plant seeds is that:
• They generally are the best of the best
• They are really simple to grow
• They are able to reproduce compared to hybrid seed-stock
• They generate far better tasting produce

Survival Seeds
These types of plant seeds are usually preferred as being survival plant seeds simply because they will provide food, which in turn, provides more seeds for future crops. Non-hybrid vegetable seeds are quite unique as opposed to the common seed-stock you'll find around the neighborhood farm supply because they're open pollenated as well as , non-gmo (not genetically changed).

Heirloom Seed Storage
A lot like everything else, heirloom plant seeds and even heirloom tomato seeds need to be correctly stored if you wish to maintain them for possible future utilization. According to Master Gardner Lynn Hall, "the very best container for extended term preserving of heirloom survival plant seed products is actually a glass jar with a good seal inside the lid." He goes on to state that just about any empty, cleaned out pickle jar and / or spaghetti jar would work since the lids were made to reseal.

You ought to put your heirloom plant seeds in to a zip lock bag, place desiccant into the jar and then put your entire zip lock plastic bag into the jar then securely tighten the top.

If you intend to freeze the vegetable seeds, you need to be conscious of the water content within the seed-stock before you actually freeze them. Permit the desiccant to soak up moisture before freezing to refrain from destroying the heirloom plant seeds.

Taking advantage of these suggestions and seed-saving steps, you'll own some top-quality heirloom seeds for extended future usage!


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