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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

10 New Technology Gadgets To Forecast For This 2013

2013 is a rich year for the technophile, with numerous exhilarating latest technology gadgets coming out this year - but specifically what kind of cool new devices should you foresee this year? Right here are some of the bestyou must watch for from the latter half of the year:

1. Quad Core Smartphones - these most current tech devices have significantly far more processing power than the already-mighty dual core cell phones, creating for a considerably smoother user experience while handling a number of high-powered apps with ease.

2. 4G-Built in Smartphones - the most current quad core cell phones will be complemented effectively by 4G feature. This high-speed portal makes it possible for you to watch flawless ultra high-definition videos without buffering and downloading big files instantly.

3. Popular Phablets - this line of new technology gadgets was proven to be a sleeper stroke thanks to the Samsung Galaxy Note, which is why we are seeing far more and more of these great tech items appear in 2013.

4. Ultra Mobile PCs - if you are a lover of Microsoft Windows or simply favor utilizing the Windows operating system, then you'll absolutely be glad to know that far more of Windows-powered new technology gadgets are gradually but surely hitting the industry.

5. Bendy Phones And Tablet PCs - practically nothing screams new technology gadgets really like a smartphone that really twists and turns. These cell phones will be particularly attractive to those that hate getting huge bulges poking out from the pockets of their handbags or pants.

6. Next-Gen Gaming Consoles - The Xbox 720 is anticipated to appear later this year with the Playstation four on its heels as well. Avid video gamers will absolutely want to keep an eye on these great tech items as they get released.

7. Android-Powered Consoles - Adore Android games but want a larger screen to operate with? The GameStick and Ouya consoles are made particularly to bring Android games to the TV screen, creating it possible to share and take pleasure in Android games with friends and family.

8. Augmented Reality Glasses - Google Glass has generated many buzz around it, with particular recipients currently showcasing the potential of Glass for each enjoyment and work. Just imaging packing a hands-free cell phones with you wherever you go!

9. Virtual Reality Goggles - The Oculus Rift is one of the most current tech devices to bring VR back to life. The good factor is that the current state of video gaming technologies tends to make it possible for VR goggles to succeed - providing the Rift a likelihood to genuinely strut its stuff when it gets released.

10. Interactive Social TV - there is a expanding roster of TV shows with results that can be influenced by you - the viewer. This interactive experience also tends to make it possible to make ones top purchases by simply 'clicking' on TV advertisements. This streamlines the entire process and delete the requirement to switch focus away from your favored shows while you respond to an advertisement.

Watch on these new technology gadgets and you'll be prepared for what 2013 has to offer to you!


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