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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LED Crackle-glass Ball Solar Stake Lights, Solar Garden Goddess. Celebration, Deck, Garden, Landscape Lighting

Solar Garden Goddess has bright LED solar yard landscape lights to boost your yard totally free.

Would you like to cost efficiently embellish your yard or landscape for celebrations and events or personal satisfaction while unwinding? Would you like to illuminate your patio area or deck magnificently without cables and lighten dark landings for security and safety?

I enhance my yard with charming cracked-glass 3 color-changing solar stake lights that can be put anywhere in your yard, on your deck or patio area and even in a flower pot or on a fence or post. Likewise, there are no electrical cables to stumble over as they come with a LED solar panel that soaks up the sun all day to offer gorgeous transitioning colored lights from sunset until dawn. Put them purposefully next to stairs for safety and illuminate an entrance for security. They come with rechargeable batteries to further make this a really environmentally friendly and green product that is positive to our environment.

There is no need to leave your home as enables you to buy online with complimentary shipping. They have a remarkable money-back assurance that ensures you are constantly satisfied with your purchase. Products are constantly well-packed for safety and delivered when you request it.

My decision to embellish my patio area with multiple sets of lights has been a treat for me and my household and really improves the experience of entertaining friends on my patio area. If you would like the same experience with solar or would like to have the color changing ambience they offer, then go to to get yours now. If you decide to try them out, let me know your thoughts as I am sure that you will be thrilled with your purchase.

Harness the Power of the Sun to Illuminate your Yard.
Yard and Landscape lighting is now affordable eco-friendly with no cost to operate.
- Decorative lighting can be used in all seasons.
- Outdoor light sockets and power cables are not needed
Solar Color-changing Cracked-glass Yard Stake Light
- A day-to-day complete charge from the sun will brighten your landscape.
- The sun charges the LEDs complimentary of cost.
- Eco-friendly with solar energy and rechargeable battery
-The Super Bright LED 3-Color technology guarantees that you take pleasure in lots of hours of mesmerizing color.
- The stainless steel stake will not bend or break and firmly sustains the glass designer globe.
-These solar-powered, battery-operated ornamental lights are created to be weather condition resistant for any season.
- Change your patio area to delight your visitors with mood-enhancing party lighting.
- Makes an ideal gift.
Product Care and Assembly:
Ensure parts are snugly fit. Insert to a practical depth with a firm push at the base to decrease possible damage. Move the switch to "On".
Totally charged with 8 hours of sun.
Product Design and Characteristic:
-3.5" Diameter Set of 3 transparent High Quality Cracked-glass globes
-Amorphous Solar Panel with extremely bright LED 3-Color technology
-AA N1-MH 1.2 V 600 MAH Rechargeable battery included
-Stainless Steel pole yard stake will extend from 22" to 30" in height- Features a hassle-free on/off switch located safely under the panel. Returns are honored with a full refund. These won't last long.
Click the Yellow "Add to Cart" button to enhance your yard, landscape and patio area

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