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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

LifeResQ Car Escape Tool With Six Awesome Features In A Lightweight Keychain Design

The LifeResQ 6-in1 auto escape tool is different to various other comparable tools on the market today. First of all it has an attractive design that fits neatly onto a keychain and/or can be held in a pocket or bag without any sharp edges or points digging in or damaging surroundings. It comes with a long life battery which is also easily exchangeable if needed, and therefore has a long beneficial life.

The battery powered functions consist of a bright white illumination light to be utilized to discover your way through a dark area or to perhaps discover a door key hole. It can likewise be useful in non dangerous scenarios as basic as wanting to search a purse, boot or auto interior, and therefore has great deals of useful uses.

The flashing SOS red distress signal is recognized by emergency personnel as an indicator someone is in grief and needs help. It is likewise very bright and can be easily seen.

The final function assisted by the battery is the useful digital tire gauge. Security organizations state that tire pressures must be inspected a minimum of regular monthly, as typical running and use can cause tires to loose pressure. Wrongly inflated tires will too soon wear the tire requiring expensive very early replacement, and will likewise affect the efficiency of the auto. One reason why tire pressure upkeep is frequently ignored is because most owners do not carry a tire presuure gauge with them, or if they do have one, have a problem discovering it at the right time. The LifeResQ 6-in1 safety tool has this developed in and can show pressure in three formats, kPa, psi and BAR.

The various other attributes consisting of the seat belt cutter, loud whistle, and window glass hammer are all multiple-use components of the tool and by hand operated.

New LifeResQ 6-in-1 Safety Tool Can Save A Loved One's Life - Peace Of Mind - A Great Gift Idea. How would someone escape the following dangerous situations?- Trapped In A Serious Car Accident- Seatbelt Is Stuck In Place and Won't Unlatch- Doors Will Not Release, Power Windows Jammed- In A Ditch Or Dark Location- Injured And Can't Walk To Attract Assistance. Introducing The NEW LifeResQ 6-in-1 Safety Tool !
1. Recessed Razor Sharp Seat Belt Cutter, no exposed blade.
2. Spring Loaded Window Glass Breaker
3. Bright White Light To Illuminate Immediate Area
4. Flashing SOS Red Signal gets attention of Emergency Workers
5. Loud Whistle to Attract Attention
6. Handy DIGITAL tire pressure gauge to check tire presurres at home prior to any long trip.

A solid durable, yet light, high quality device that will last years. All features have been thoroughly tested and approved by quality engineers during design and manufacture.

Looking For A Unique Gift Idea? - Professionally packaged box ready to gift to your partner, children, family members or valued friend. Easily wrapped for birthday's, anniversaries, Christmas, wedding gifts, bon voyage gifts, fathers day, mothers day, valentines day.

Lifetime Guarantee- Apart from intentional or accidental misuse or abuse, we will replace any faulty product free of charge. Your purchase is risk free from any faults.Satisfaction Guarantee- We provide a 7 day satisfaction guarantee. If you contact us directly within 7 days of purchase with concerns about the product compared to our offering above, we shall gladly refund your purchase.LIMITED TIME PRICING OFFER !

- Reward Yourself, Give Peace Of Mind and/or Give A Awesome Gift To A Special Person In Your Life!

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