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Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Multipurpose Emergency Radio, The MiniBoomer Boombox Makes a Great Present!

Our worst nightmare can come true when we least expect it. Possibly even while we are sleeping, when thinking is the furthest thing from our minds! That's why it is critical to be able to move rapidly at a minutes notice and not have to think about it first. An emergency preparedness plan is essential in having those bases covered.

Families, like any other team, are just as strong as their weakest link. To be ready for an emergency requires full participation from everyone. However getting the whole family involved in emergency readiness plans can be a genuine hassle! The very best laid plans can all be for nothing if the whole family does not participate. We need as many ways for loved ones to feel "a part of" as we can discover. This is where the MiniBoomer boombox excels!

This mini boombox is especially good for getting kids to take part in emergency planning. Since it is an emergency crank radio which is also a boombox, your children will almost certainly like the many enjoyable functions and want to use it all the time. They can be put in charge of bringing the mini boombox in an emergency and they are very likely to know right where it is! And the fact that it is a bright yellow boombox makes it even simpler to locate. All they have to do is grab it and go. You can all be ready to "bug out" at a moments notice.

It is likewise crucial to make an emergency kit light and portable. The MiniBoomer emergency radio not only has a powerful AM/FM stereo with telescoping antenna, it also plays from a high capacity SD card and a USB flash-drive. You can record in-depth guidelines, emergency contact numbers, survival food dishes, "how to" guides and any variety of other crucial messages on one of these storage devices. Either you or your loved ones can then utilize this little yellow boombox to play them back en route to safety or camping out.

And that's not all, this boombox likewise charges your cell phones, has a bright LED flashlight, a siren and a bright red flashing emergency light. As you can see its a terrific little emergency radio system that is perfect for a lot of reasons! Get yours today!

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The MiniBoomer LifeTool is made as an elite "grab-n-go" multipurpose emergency radio great for fast getaways such as weather emergencies, natural disasters, and various other emergency readiness situations. Not just another weather radio, it likewise pulls its weight in lots of other ways. At DTC LifeTools we make emergency kit products that serve even when there is no emergency!

This emergency radio system includes a four-bulb, ultra-bright LED Flashlight on one end and a flashing yellow emergency light on the opposite end. When the flashing light is triggered, a LOUD siren blasts at the push of a button with fast attention-getting sound. These compact stereos can make the difference in between life and death on hiking adventures when lost or wounded.

In addition to the life-saving functions, this emergency radio system also sports a wide range of interesting audio functions including a dual track stereo that plays in eight audio modes including the now conventional WAV & MP3 files. In addition to getting AM/FM stations with high quality, stereo sound by means of the radio, it plays MP3 and WAV files by means of a built-in USB port and high-capacity SD card slot.

Anybody who listens to music on their laptop, tablet, cellular phone, MP3 player, or computer will value the AUX audio input function that enables the MiniBoomer to also become a high quality stereo speaker system through a simple plug-and-play interface.

The unit is rechargeable by means of USB connection or hand crank dynamo charger. The unit likewise operates on batteries as a back-up measure. This emergency radio also charges cell phones and various other devices by means of USB output port. This outstanding emergency radio system comes with a built-in rechargeable battery and sealed LED lights that never require replacement.

The MiniBoomer is a terrific holiday gift - so do not wait! Get yours today!


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