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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Com-Pad Powerbank 3000 Cell Phone Mobile Battery Charger USB Lipstick Size

Com-Pad recently released the start of their latest product offering, the Power Bank 3000. Powerbank 3000 is a mobile phone battery charger that plugs into devices by using a USB port and offers an effective battery power enhance to those who have trouble keeping their smart device batteries charged. In announcing this new item, a Com-Pad spokesperson revealed, "This new mobile phone charger is the answer to a user's prayers. The most common complaint today is the fact that batteries lose their charge too quickly. People who use the Power Bank 3000 will not have to think about that again since it increases the life of their battery."

The 2014-Gen 3-in-1 USB cable has a USB port on one end and three different adaptor plugs on the other. The user simply has to plug the USB end into the Power Bank 3000 and then choose the adapter that works with their smart device. If nothing else, this adaptor solves the problem presented when manufacturers change the configuration of their ports when introducing new models. Now one cable is all that's needed.

More details about the Power Bank 3000 are available on the Com-Pad website. Currently the Powerbank 3000 is on Sale on the The amazon website.

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