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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finest Life Conserving Emergency Vehicle Flashlight, PERIOD!

Going the distance, Xtreme Bright products are fully focused on bringing high quality safety products to the marketplace has made another strategic advance in their worthy goals. Triumph Innovations Emergency Car LED Flashlight lacks question, a must have for any individual having a car. Sadly things happen and we can discover ourselves stranded on the side of the road and without the right emergency tools we can be at risk for significant injury or even worse.

The water resistant flashlight is illuminated by a high powered LED light, exactly what sets it apart is the 18 white and 8 red LED lights found in the barrel of the light, and high powered magnet at the tail end. The positioning of these barrel lights and magnet amply allow you to adhere it to the side of your car while the red flashing lights caution various other cars over 500 feet away of your position for that reason keeping you safe. You can also position the light to brighten the location of the car you need to work on so you are not disadvantaged or uneasy holding a normal flashlight. Perfect gift for your friends or loved ones, the gift of safety and security!


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