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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Solar Emergency Radio Review Video - DTC LifeTools

DTC LifeTools PowerSafe solar emergency radio is so loaded with features that you will have to see it to believe it. This new review video for the radio gives viewers a chance to see the PowerSafe close up to get a full comprehension for the multitude of ways it will be useful and the many places and situations where it can come in handy - maybe even save your life.

Not only is it an outstanding emergency radio, but the PowerSafe is also an outstanding solar emergency light. Just place it in the direct sunlight when there is no other power source available and let it charge all day. Next, since this unit is also a solar phone charger, use it to charge all of your other mobile devices. And if there is no sun available, just use the dynamo hand crank to charge the radio in emergency scenarios.

People continually discover places and situations where this portable emergency radio comes in handy such as any outdoor activity. Whether you use it as a jobsite radio, campsite emergency radio, or a hiking security system with a bright red flashing beacon and super-loud alarm that you can use to call for help if trapped or injured, this solar emergency radio fits the bill.

Rather than go on and on here, I recommend taking a look at the video review. Seeing IS believing. If you're like us, your mind will start to count the ways you can use this little beauty. Don't be surprised to realize that you have discovered yet another way to make the most of your PowerSafe. Watch the video now.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

One of the Brightest Wall-Mounted Solar Powered Lights Available

I needed to light the path going to my shed in the backyard. There's no location to plug in a light back there and I needed a fast fix. When I came across this light on Amazon, I thought to myself what the heck. It is well made, it appears straightforward to install, and it's made of metal.

When I took it out of the box, I thought, what a simple thing this is. It comes with two screws a couple of wall anchors and a tiny pin to activate it. All I had to do is decide where I wanted to hang it. When I figured that out, I activated the light by making use of the pin just like the instructions said. The built in battery is charged already, so I didn't have to be concerned about that. I didn't want the wall anchors either since I decided to hang it on a wooden fence post along the path going out to the shed.

It came on when it got dark. I guess that's its dim mode. Then I walked over to it, and BAM! I wasn't expecting this thing to be so bright. It is wonderful how bright it is for a solar powered light. It may even make a excellent security light!

If you are in the market for a solar powered LED light. I suggest you buy the Northern Twilight ELS-06P on Amazon. I am actually happy with this light and I'm sure you will be to.

Get yours now at Motion Light/

- 53 LEDs 3W 300 Lumens
- 2 Watt Solar Panel
- Charges About Six Hours on a Sunny Day
- Battery can Support 3 - 4 Days With no Sunlight
- Easy to Install

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What Do You Use Cheesecloth For? Why Do People Disregard Such An Extremely Handy Tool?

Have you ever asked a clerk at your local grocery store where to find the cheesecloth just to have the request be met with a blank look? Well, I definitely have, and it sure does get old. People, including good friends, look at you like you're insane. If you are persistent enough to seek all over town for it, you could find one measly package. Then, after all that, the quality has a ton to be desired. Because you require it for a dish, you buy it anyway hoping against all odds that it will be adequate.

I, for one, have actually never been pleased with the local shop's cheesecloth quality. Either it's too loose of a weave or it's bleached. I get very leery about possibly transferring the taste of bleach to my food. Besides that, I hate the thought of all those toxic chemicals being utilized in manufacturing simply to make the cheesecloth look pretty. I care about the environment, so I like to use good old all natural unbleached cheesecloth.

I finally had enough of the blank stares, endless questions and poor quality that came from my desire to use cheesecloth, so I went looking online for a better selection. Because is my preferred online marketplace I started there. I really enjoy exactly how easy and convenient it is to find whatever you're trying to find. Likewise, who does not enjoy their money back guarantee?

To make a long tale short, I discovered the ideal cheesecloth. Then to top it off, I got outstanding service. They ensured I understood when to anticipate my order to arrive, then checked back to make sure that I had received it. I was very pleased with the customer support and how quickly my cheesecloth arrived. It was exactly what I anticipated. I ensure you that if you're trying to find quality cheesecloth, you should click on the link below. You really do owe it to yourself to check them out. Go order yours today. You won't be disappointed!


- Sturdy enough to clean and use again
- Less waste for the land fills
- Less chemicals from production

Tons Of Uses!
- Strain little bits out of fluids, such as broth, tea, or syrups.
- Make an old umbrella into a food cover to prevent bugs.
- Make a butterfly or little fish net.
- It's soft enough to do basic dusting or wiping around your house and automobile without scratching.
- Cover the top of a mason container with it for an easy sugar duster.
- Insert a piece between the iron and delicate materials to help safeguard them.
- Use it to dry wet glass since it won't streak.
- Make mosquito netting or breezy summertime drapes.
- Make Halloween decorations and outfits.
- It's excellent for staining furniture and grouting tile.
- Cover a brush with a piece for a fast spruce up on your hair when you do not have time to clean it.
- It's likewise frequently utilized for gauze in first aid applications.
- These are only some ideas. There are many, many more uses!


Check this unbleached cotton cheesecloth product out at Amazon now