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Monday, April 14, 2014

# 1 Emergency LED Flashlight for Vehicles and yachts

THOUSANDS OF INDIVIDUALS GET TERRIBLY HURT AS WELL AS DIE IN SOME CASES EVERY YEAR WHILE CHANGING A TIRE OR DEALING WITH THEIR BROKEN DOWN AUTOMOBILE AT NIGHT ON THE ROAD ... DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM! As an ex-police officer, I have seen too many people killed or terribly hurt while altering a blowout or dealing with their immobilized automobile on the side of the roadway in the evening. I even witnessed circumstances when boats broke down in the evening therefore drifting lost for hours up until some help might get to them, it might be too late.

In such cases, an emergency Light offers you the protection and assistance you require if your automobile ever breaks down on the side of the roadway or your boat wanders aimlessly in the evening. You can count on this small buddy, which can incredibly end up being the supreme lifesaver for you in any of the unanticipated occasions.

An extremely bright flashlight will never let you down. Exactly what sets this Xtreme Bright LED flashlight gadget apart from its kind that its - 18 Ultra Bright LED lights in the barrel/shaft of the light will easily lights up some of the most tightest places to see! - 8 Flashing LED lights in the barrel/shaft to alert oncoming cars or rescuers! - High-powered magnet at the end of the flashlight sticks to the side of your car cautioning others of your location while your hands remain free. Range of over 500 feet - ALWAYS noticeable!

Constantly bear in mind, do not trust the safety and security of you or among your loved ones with some low-quality imitation, therefore, it refers high quality protection and reliability that everybody is worthy of.

Super Bright LED Flashlight w 26 LED Lights In The Barrel, Utilizes 3 AAA Batteries!

Made of Superior Quality Military Grade Aluminum, Rubberized Grip, Guaranteed to Last, & SAVE LIVES!

High Powered Magnet Bottom, Stays with Any Metal Surface Like the Side of Your Vehicle or Boat Motor!

3 Light Modes: Bright Flashlight) 18 White LED Lights in Barrel) 8 Flashing LED Red Lights in Barrel!

Finest No Concerns, No Trouble LIFETIME ASSURANCE.

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