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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Having A Seed Vault Will Protect Your Family

If you are of the mind to be prepared should society go from good to terrible either through a weather or social disaster then you must consider not only the short term requirements of your family but also dealing with the long term if things are really bad. The long term means ensuring you have a solid food supply for your ;loved ones. During a disaster it may not be possible to get food supplies. Distribution may be cut off. That is where having a seed vault in your cache becomes essential. If you can plant and grow high quality vegetables for your home you will be way ahead of the game. This seed kit will ensure that you have the ability to grow your own healthy food.

After viewing this video you should have a great idea of what the kit contains and how useful it can be for your prepper cache. you will want to get your own survival seed vault to have in your cache.


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