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Monday, June 2, 2014

The Greatest Solar Motion Light to Lighten Up those Dim Places Around Your House

I have noticed lots of LED-based solar lights in the past, and have usually been disappointed with the quality of light they provide, and how long the light lasts. This light is Much better than the ones I've seen in the past! The solar panel covers the entire top of the light, which provides far more charging power to the batteries for the duration of sunlight hours than other lights I've seen.

I like that it stays on dim all the time when it is dark outside, only switching to full bright when the motion sensor is triggered.

I am thrilled with this solar light. Aesthetically, I adore the sleek, contemporary design and the functionality is superb. It is so excellent to have a front porch light that looks and operates excellent without using any power. One more thing that I adore is that there are so many various places it can be used. I could have mounted it above a door, or on a fence post. I chose in the garden next to the front porch.

Installation is straightforward. Just drill a couple of screws into the wall, and you are set to mount the light. This provides a green solution that is powered by a renewable resource, the sun. It provides a bright light for all your requirements. It would even be excellent on a camping trip!

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Northern Twilight ELS-06W Super Solar Motion Light
The Ideal Solar Motion Light to Brighten those Dim Locations Around Your Home and Garden
- Due to the fact that this solar light does not need any type of power supply or electrical wiring it is extremely easy to set up as well as being environmentally friendly.
- This light is powered by the sun and all you have to do is make certain that the solar panel is clean and facing the best sun of the day.
Save Power
- It costs virtually nothing to operate as it does not rely on electricity from your residence.
Security and Safety
- This motion detector light is excellent for added security around your residence.
- Light your way to steer clear of trip hazards and dangers in the dark.
One Year Money Back / Replacement Guarantee!
- If there is any problem with your item get in touch with us.


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