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Monday, June 23, 2014

The Versatile PowerSafe Solar Emergency Radio

The PowerSafe solar emergency radio has an FM stereo that easily pulls in only those frequencies that are audible from your geographic area. It's also a great jobsite radio for monitoring your favorite teams or keeping up with breaking news or monitoring a looming weather system.

The cool LED desk lamp might also save a life some day. One minute you could be using the unit as a desk lamp and the next it might be instrumental in saving your life. Just a couple of scenarios include sending SOS signals in survival situations such as immobilizing injury while hiking rugged terrain. Or maybe you are walking alone at night, crossing college campus after dark, going to your vehicle after work. Imagine if a potential purse snatcher does approach. You just flick a switch to the alarm that is as loud as most car alarms and watch them run. Or maybe an aging loved one who lives alone needs help and can't call out. All they have to do is switch on the alarm and flashing beacon.

The LED flashlight consists of 3 ultra-bright LED lights that cast a focused beam exactly where you want it. If you happen to identify something scary, just slide a switch to set off the flashing LED emergency light and very loud siren. Even if it's just an animal digging through your garbage, you are likely to scare it so bad that it never ever comes around your trash again! We are aware that dogs cannot tolerate this noise and they will not hang around to hear it.


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