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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Remote Emergency Battery Offers Numerous Hours Of Prolonged Life For All Your Gizmos!

Have you ever discovered yourself in a remote area, needing to make a call - then found out you 'd forgotten to charge your phone before leaving your home?

My son was backpacking with a buddy a couple of weeks earlier. His pal slipped and wedged his ankle in between two rocks. A great deal of pain; a little fear - and time to call for aid! Guess what - his mobile phone was dead. Panic, right? NO! He had a mobile battery charger in his knapsack. He plugged his phone into the power-pack, made the call - and aid came in no time. He told me that having that portable power-pack was worth GOLD to him at that moment, and he would never ever be without it in the future!

I barely finished telling my spouse about this occurrence, when she got on her laptop and said "Honey, we need to get a couple of those things - one for each of us!" She is a passionate online consumer and lives & dies by Amazon. She likes the cash we conserve with the free shipping on Amazon Prime - and she never ever needs to worry about being pleased with her purchase due to the fact that "Amazon will certainly make it right - no matter what!".

Great choice! Two days later we each had an extremely nice looking, portable battery charger that we can take with us anywhere we go! It's hardly larger than our mobile phone, and will actually charge 2 gadgets at the same time. It has "clever power management" so over/under charging is not a problem. Now we're constantly shielded when we're "out and about".

Perhaps it's only me - however I love having several hours of added power with me for any device I need to recharge - whether I'm on a flight or in the field. I didn't know such a little product might make such a huge difference in my hectic world. And if you're anything like me, I would urge you to click the link below to order your power backup now and see through your own experience. If you decide to test one out, let me have your thoughts. I'm sure you will certainly be even more than impressed!

More about this Portable Power product

Sleek, portable back-up battery, for all your technological devices.
Intelligent power management with lithium ion battery that avoids over/under charging.
Extremely effective (12,000 mAh) battery charger goes where you go.
Charges two gadgets concurrently with twin USB ports.
Four LED indication lights monitor balance of charger power.


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