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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Don't Go Out Hiking Without This One Item That Could Save Your Life!

Survival 101

Treking and camping are seriously enjoyable outdoor activities. Both are enjoyable however likewise require serious factor to consider for safety. In case a hiking or camping journey with buddies (or alone) goes amiss, it's always great to be prepared. Here are a couple of things that work to learn about survival gear that you must have before going on that next adventure.

1. Let trusted people know where you prepare to go and when you prepare to come back. If ever something takes place and you fail to show up on your expected return, people can begin trying to find you and they would know where to begin.

2. When treking and you lose your way, don't run scared. Simply STOP! Stop moving; Think where you could have taken a wrong turn; Observe your surroundings; and Plan what to do next. A compass and a map or a GPS will be useful to take you back to civilization.

3. Water is the most necessary thing for an individual's survival, so a hydration system is a must. This includes a water container (the less bulky the better), a couple of water cleansing tablets and a clean handkerchief. Upon arrival at the camp site, finding the nearest water source like streams or rivers would be a truly sensible move. Not only will it provide water for drinking, it will likewise be a great guide back should you lose your way or roam a bit too far from the camping area. When treking or camping in the wilderness, animal tracks or flocks of birds can help lead you to water.

4. Being able to signal is likewise necessary. A whistle, mirror, flashlight or fire can all be useful survival tools for sending signals and letting others know you're in distress or in an emergency situation.

5. Emergency situation scenarios could require you to do some cutting-- tape for dressing injuries, ropes or branches for shelter and structure fire. A Swiss knife or multi-tools are life-savers; bringing a set won't harm.

6. Ropes are convenient when climbing, constructing emergency shelter, establishing traps, raising food to avoid animals, or for making splints for busted bones. Especially convenient survival items are paracord bracelets. Paracord is short for parachute cords. It's light-weight and as the name suggests, can be worn around the wrist for easy access. When drawn to release, a paracord bracelet can reveal between 6-10 meters of cord. Its ends are typically fastened together by a side-release buckle. A lot of backpackers who often go treking or camping use as well as know how to make paracord bracelets.

Amongst the survival gear offered in any outdoor stores, the SPARK™ Paracord Fire Starter Bracelet with Emergency situation Whistle Side Release Buckle would be one of the topnotchers. This paracord bracelet comes with a cool stainless steel striker/cutter. The stainless steel striker is used to strike the built-in fire rod and make hot sparks to develop emergency fire.

Should you need to cut anything, it likewise serves the purpose well. The paracord fire starter bracelet is likewise packed together with a whistle. A piece of survival gear with a rope, a cutter and a fire starter in one is undoubtedly a great deal. The SPARK™ Paracord Fire Starter Bracelet can likewise be a wonderful present for buddies and ones.

Never Fret about Being Stuck Without A Means To Make Fire Ever Again!

Have you ever had problem with making a fire while camping or treking? Now you can always be ready to begin a fire with the SPARK™ bracelet!

The SPARK™ Bracelet has an integrated Ferrocerium Rod and Stainless Steel Striker to begin a fire
Loud Whistle integrated to signal when in distress or alert your traveling friends
9 feet of Paracord is always at hand, simply unravel the cobra braided bracelet and use.
SPARK™ is entirely water-proof and dries swiftly and is mildew resistant and won't fade in sunshine.

Great for EDC (Every Day Carry) and emergencies
A need to have for the Survivalist/Prepper
Laser etched striker/cutter can be made use of to cut paracord or inner strands
Makes a terrific present!
Premium Quality
Goes great with your existing Tactical gear!
You don't need to dissemble the bracelet to use the fire starter, simply unbuckle and strike the ends
This bracelet is made with Nylon 7-Strand Core Mil-Spec 550 POUND Paracord. It unwinds very easily and can help you do things like:.

Build a shelter.
Protect Devices.
Hang food up from wild animals.
String for make shift hunting bow.
Key fobs.
Fishing line (with inner strands).
and much, much more ...
Side release buckle measurements are:

2-3/8" L x 1-1/4" W x 3/8" Thick.

Ideal for wrist sizes that measure between 7 & 9 inches.

The SPARK™ Bracelet is guaranteed for the lifetime of the initial buyer against manufactuer defects. If the bracelet breaks, we will replace it. If you need to deploy the paracord in a time of need, we replace it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Article say "...paracord bracelet can reveal between 6-10 meters of cord..." This should be 6-10 FEET for a bracelet! Big difference.

September 9, 2014 at 10:18 PM  

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