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Monday, August 18, 2014

MiniSewing and Manicure Kit for Travel or Home Use. Quality Components and Case.

You Can not Be Too Prepared.

Don't pop a collar button just before an interview or conference, or snag your sleeve on something with no means to repair it other than an alterations or seamstress store. Amazon has an emergency situation sewing and travel sewing kit available that is truly compact and gives you everything you require for a quick repair when you run out your home or not near a store. This kit is extremely compact, lightweight, and simple to carry, on your person, or in a brief-case or bag. Easily stays out of the way in glove box or console of your car as well.

Consider it insurance coverage for that unanticipated repair that can appear at any time when you are far from home on company or a holiday. It's an economical means to be ready for that unanticipated emergency.


Great Quality in a Compact Size
- Will certainly Fit Easily in Handbag, Pocket, or Briefcase
- Be Ready for any Emergency Repairs with Everything You Need in One Place
- Quality Elements and Case
- Secure, Easy Access Needle Storage
- Great for your Car, Office, Brief-case, or Go Bag

All You Need for Quick Emergency Fixes is Available
You have all the materials needed for minor repair works in one compact, safe and secure, simple to carry and store case.

Not a Cheap Plastic Case That Won't Stay Shut
- Attractive, Sturdy Leather Like Zippered Case
- Compact Size for Easy Carry and Storage
- Little Scissors are Actually Sharp and Work Great
- BONUS Manicure Set Included!

No Hassle Replacement if Your Kit is Defective in Any Sense
Click the Button at the Top of this Page to Get One for Your Office, Car, or Go Bag Today!

Visit Amazon for more about this sewing kit product


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