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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Reflection On The Most Fantastic Micro USB Cables

If you are in the marketplace for some spare micro-USB to USB charging wires, the Xperitus® BOS-26U set is absolutely high up on my list great deals, both for the affordable price point and the quality of the product. With the added benefit of each cable having a different color and/or pattern paracord sheath, you can also utilize them to help arrange the myriad of wires that gather with each new device acquired (assuming that stated product makes use of a micro-USB charging port).

As indicated in the product description, each Xperitus ® BOS-26U (or simply 26U for brief) is a "hi-speed" USB charging cable that has a paracord sheath over the rubber/silicone insulation of the cable television. The USB pointers have a somewhat rubberized feel to them but are otherwise sturdily built with the adapters connected safely. When I placed the micro-USB end of the 26U into various gadgets (my Galaxy S5, Kindle Fire HD, a Volutz Battery Charger, and an OXA Juice Box S1), I did not have any issues with the insertion. This was true with all 5 wires included with the pack. Finally, the nylon of the paracord material covering the wires did not snag or otherwise start to fray when brought around in my backpack.

With all of this being stated, there is not too much more that I can elaborate upon, after all, these are still simply charging wires. For the price, however, you are getting 5 durable micro-USB wires that can be found in a nice box rolled up in separate compartments. Thus, if you do not require them right away you can simply secure exactly what you require, close up the box and put it away, and come back to it later. In the end, these cables do charge as rapidly as the charger that included my Galaxy S5, feel reliable, are colorful sufficient to give me the choice to color-code my gadgets if I wanted to do so, and possibly the best part: you can get 5 of these for less than $10. Even if these were half as good (which luckily, they're much better), at that price, the Xperitus ® BOS-26Us are still worth it.

** Disclaimer: These wires were sent out to me by the producer at no cost to review. While I do not feel that this influenced me in any capability, I am lawfully bound to divulge this truth so that you can pertain to your own conclusions about the merit of this analysis. **.

Producer Description

USB 2.0 connector Type-A on one end and Micro Type-B (Micro USB) on the other end. It's developed for linking and disconnecting over and over once more without signal loss and its backward-compatible to deal with old along with new peripherals such as external disk drives, printers, digital photography gadgets, mobile phones, smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, digital video cameras and digital camcorders to mention a few gadgets that makes use of Micro USB connection.

Note: length of the wires might differ in between 3.3-4.3 feet.

What do I get?

5 Pack Xperitus 3.3 ft. Micro USB Cables (very same colors as received images)
Original Xperitus Paper box product packaging
18 months Limited warranty

24/7 Client Care
If for any factor you are not pleased with an Xperitus ® product, do not think twice to contact us, you will be amazed to understand how much we value our consumers! All other hallmarks or signed up hallmarks are home of their particular owner..

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