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Monday, September 15, 2014

Compact Portable Cell Phone Charger - For Charging Your Phone Or Gadget On The Go!

I had never ever heard of a portable phone charger till a close friend of mine showed me one of theirs and told me simply how much they loved it. They are continuously driving to visits and flying for work and use their charger practically every day.

Having a husband, 3 kids and 2 grandkids and working while trying to run errands and take care of everything a la household, I am continuously having to charge my phone. That's not easy many times when I cannot get to my car or an outlet so I began checking for one of my own that I might get to take with me, give to the kids and even gave my spouse one as a present for Daddy's Day.

I have 2 companies that I run full-time, often from home and often in various areas. My kids are all over the place with pals, at work, skateboarding or at the coastline and my spouse travels for work.

After browsing around I discovered this portable cellular phone charger on Amazon that was gender neutral, a BIG deal with all males in our family except my daughter and I, small enough my kids would actually put it in their pocket and adequate enough to offer me an emergency backup when I couldn't get to a charger. I purchase everything on Amazon because they have fantastic return policies and this seller even had a prolonged warranty none of the others had in addition to a "No Questions Asked" policy.

I got my charger for a bit even more than my close friend paid but it likewise had the USB cable and extended warranty that hers didn't have plus when I got it, it was much better quality than hers. After I examined mine and used it a couple of times I returned and got more for everyone else. So glad I don't have to worry about hurrying to a charger anymore or stressing when the kids are out. Now I simply have to develop a strategy for when they "forget" to take the charger with them.

See more about this Portable Phone Charger product

FREE - "No Questions Asked" 1 Year Standard Refund or Replacement Assurance PLUS 2 additional years (a $6.95 Value) absolutely COMPLIMENTARY.
FREE - Ultra compact mini USB to micro USB cable included (a $5.99 Value). No large cellular phone chargers or long cords.

FOR EMERGENCIES AND CONVENIENCE: Hand this to the kids before they leave for a night out with pals or to go to work so they always have a charge for their phone. Take this with you on the go, in the automobile, outdoor camping, on the plane. Resilient aluminum case, compact & lipstick sized so it will certainly fit in your pocket, handbag or bag. This is an excellent portable, external emergency battery back up for your smart phone or device.

SAFE & RELIABLE: Electric circuit security: avoids over-charge, over-current, over-discharge, short-circuit. Rechargeable Grade A Samsung battery powered cellular phone or device charger for many mobile phones or devices. Easy on/off button with red light showing the need to charge the device and blue light when the device is completely charged. Charge it up and take it with you.



- You forget to charge your cellular phone or device.
- You have a battery that does not hold a charge like it used to.
- You use your cellular phone or device for everything: work, family, etc. and you use your battery life quickly.
- Your kids forget to charge their phones. Often you want to check up on them when they are out with pals or on their walk to meet you, late during the night, from work but their phone is dead.
- Fed up with your phone dropping out on you in the middle of that crucial call, while taking that one-of-a-kind photo or while editing a document?
- Do you prefer to go outdoor camping or hiking and wish to know you have additional power for your phone in case of an emergency situation?
Never worry about being able to power your phone or device once again.

You now have the ability to charge your device on the go without a bulky charger or long cords AND you do not have to be near an outlet or in your car. You can take this small, compact aluminum portable battery backup with you everywhere, on the airplane, to soccer practice, into conferences. Charge it up and offer it to the kids before they leave your house.

Aluminum case supplies long lasting protection and its lipstick size and compact portability makes works for practically anyone.


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