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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don’t Be a Newbie Because Your Smartphone Battery Croaked When You Wanted It Most

Here's the main thing: if you own a cell phone, you need a Solario solar power bank. I don't know how I can say it any more plainly.

The primary problem cell phone users combat is running out of power at the worst possible times. For instance, when you're hanging with friends. A flashing power bar is the bane of all cell phone users. SJS Direct, the business that sells the Solario solar power bank, has finally provided the perfect solution.

The Solario isn't just another solar portable charger. Sure, it can draw a charge from a wall socket – very quickly, I might add – but it does more than that. Keeping it out under natural light allows it to constantly stay topped off. Just strap it to a rucksack or belt loop and you've got a constant source of power for your cell phone.

Moreover, the Solario is built to be used outdoors. Water, humidity, mud, dirt, whatever. Just rinse it off and it's ready to go. Drops and bumps are no big deal either – the Solario is impact and shock proof, and it has integrated plugs that make the USB ports protected from the elements.

If you use a cell phone, do yourself a favor. Get a Solario. It'll change your life, seriously.

Say Goodbye to Flashing Power Bars

Whether you're camping, skiing, backpacking, or just on an extended trip with friends, the Solario solar power bank gives you the freedom to power up your electronics anytime, anywhere. Ideal for use as an emergency back-up charger, the Solario is durable, durable, wireless, and can be quickly stored in a rucksack or purse, ready for use on your next journey.
Best solar cell phone charger On The Market

The Solario is a mobile power bank and phone charger that collects direct sunlight, providing plenty of juice for your portable electronics. Unlike standard portable chargers, the Solario solar cell phone charger stays topped off by drawing juice directly from sunlight, freeing you from outlet dependency while you're out and about.
Also Functions Like a Traditional Phone Power Bank

The Solario solar cell phone charger also works like a traditional phone power bank, allowing you to quickly recharge your device from any outlet. If you're headed out, plug into an outlet and make sure you've got enough electricity for any situation.
Ruggedized, World-Proof Design

Drop it, kick it, or drop it – the Solario solar power bank is waterproof, shock proof, and rinses clean in seconds. Sealed stoppers over each USB port keep out moisture and grit, while a reinforced rubber frame stands up to rugged use without chipping or cracking. We built the Solario solar cell phone charger to withstand anything you can throw at it, so bring it on!
RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee

If you don't fall in love with the Solario solar cell phone charger, simply mail it back within 30 days for a 100% refund, no questions asked. You've got nothing to lose! Click the ADD To Cart button and order your new Solario solar cell phone charger today!

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