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Monday, September 15, 2014

Google Cardboard, Making VR Popular.

VR has become far more accessible as of late and this is due to a new range of VR headsets. Inspired by the accomplishment of the Oculus Rift, and with a desire to make VR more accessible and reasonably priced Google set to work to bring us the Google Cardboard.

Prior incarnations of VR have been about for numerous years but most of them had been either prohibitively costly or resulted in headaches for a big quantity of customers. The Oculus Rift makes use of new technology to address these problems and although the underlying principles stay the same they make virtual reality headsets much more attainable. Google added on this to bring higher affordability as well, which is certainly what the medium needs if it wishes to enjoy the development and popularity to make sure its long awaited adaption into the mainstream.

Google Cardboard helps since numerous individuals already own a compatible cell phone so they have the costly technology. This means that for less than $10 they can have a excellent VR encounter by harnessing the processing power of their phone.

Launched by Google at the I/O conference earlier this year it has since attracted a huge following. Considering that Google place their plans for this on the world wide web you are in a position to download them and make your own or if you are not so keen on sourcing the essential components and doing it yourself then you can acquire any of the low-cost DIY kits that can be assembled in just a handful of minutes. You can view one such kit on the Chinavasion internet site.

If your making use of the headset with a NFC phone then when installed the android cardboard application will automatically launch. The lenses are designed to give the optimal viewing encounter but are not adjustable to compensate for individuals who need corrective lenses. Even so I am positive a little bit of tweaking can accommodate most customers.

The application works by using the accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors in the phone to track the movement of the phone. As the phone is part of the headset it will be held up to your eyes and hence enable you to freely view the VR atmosphere about you as you move your head.

On the side of the headset is a metal ring which has a corresponding magnet on the inside of the headset. This may not seem like a switch but it is. The cellphone is able to use a magnetometer to detect the magnetic adjustments triggered by the movement of the ring so the mixture of old school and new technology helps you to navigate the menus and control the phone.

So what is the use of this newly available low-cost VR headset, effectively you can now play interactive games take pleasure in immersive viewing experiences in places such as galleries and museums and tour cities in near life reality. These types of VR headsets will make you really feel as though you are in a film theater, even though the display of your smart phone is only 4 or five inches it will really feel like they are 100 inches when viewed through the headset. Whilst this may possibly not be much better than the myriad of VR headsets offered it does have a single distinct benefit. It is low-cost and basic. It will bring VR to a whole new audience and this in turn will drive improvement of a new range of apps and games to cater for that audience which can only be a bonus and I suspect VR has a last arrived.

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