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Sunday, September 14, 2014

I was Astonished to Discover How Often I Used and Enjoyed this Solar Charger

I just bought the Solario solar travel charger from Amazon and I have to say, I'm fully satisfied. I didn't expect it to be so durable. It's quite tough: there's a guard built into the unit, and there are little plastic plugs over the USB ports that keep out water and dirt. The case is light but can clearly withstand dings or drops with no problem, and the unit arrived with a carabiner so I can snap it to my backpack. Nice touch, that.

As far as refilling power, it charged up my iPhone completely and was still half full, so I plugged it into the wall to repower it and it took about an hour. Now that it's charged up I'm going to keep it on my belt and just let it recharge from sunlight.

If you're looking for a travel charger, I know there are several to choose from, but the Solario seems like made to be used in the real world rather than just kept on a desk somewhere. When I go out of doors I generally leave extra devices at home, but I feel like I'm going to get a lot of conveniencepower out of this one. Highly recommended.

Never Risk a Dead Cell Phone Again

Whether you're camping, camping, skiing, or just on an extended shopping trip, the Solario solar cell phone charger gives you the freedom to energize your electronics anytime, anywhere. Ideal for use as an emergency back-up charger, the Solario is wireless, lightweight, durable, and can be easily stored in a rucksack or purse, ready for use on your next journey.
Best solar travel charger On The Market

The Solario is a mobile solar phone charger that collects direct sunlight, providing plenty of power for your portable electronics. Unlike standard battery chargers, the Solario solar power bank stays topped off by drawing power directly from natural light, freeing you from outlet dependency while you're out and about.
Also Recharges Like a Traditional Cell Phone Power Bank

The Solario solar travel charger also works like a traditional cell phone power bank, allowing you to quickly fill up your power from any outlet. If you're headed out, plug into an outlet and make sure you've got enough power for any situation.
Durable, World-Proof Design

Splash it, kick it, or splash it – the Solario solar cell phone charger is waterproof, shock proof, and rinses clean in seconds. Sealed toggles over each USB port keep out water and mud, while a resilient rubber frame stands up to rugged use without cracking or chipping. We built the Solario solar travel charger to withstand anything you can throw at it, so bring it on!
RISK FREE Money Back Guarantee

If you don't love the Solario solar power bank, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked. Try it now RISK FREE! Click the ADD To Cart button and order your new Solario solar travel charger today!

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