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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My New Best Valued Pal - The SharingBox+ - The Unmatched Companion On Trips

The Sharingbox+ is smaller sized than a lot of smartphones however it can do a lot -

- It can convert a public network (wireless or wired) into a hotspot for you and your pals - ideal for hotel stays!
- Link it to your house or other network and use it as a signal extender - we now get wifi on our patio courtesy of the Sharingbox.
- Use it as a 3000mAh (5V/1A) powerbank to charge your smartphone - it will charge a typical smartphone a couple times over or simply extend talk time by linking the Sharingbox.
- The best technique of all (in my opinion) is that using the SharingBox app you can use it as a pocket server for pictures, documents and music etc. - this is an excellent feature which I have actually used a lot as an eager photographer who likes to see shots "from the electronic camera" whilst still in the field. It supports SD cards up to 128GB via its built in SD card reader. You can show up to 5 pals at a time.

This device feels and look well made with its glossy black surface and includes a Micro USB lead for charging etc. guidelines, support details and an 18 month warranty.

In use I found the device to be quick however keep in mind with any device of this nature pictures could take an instant to upload - however, the feature works well with rather huge files from my Nikon DSLR and music and documents are close to instant in loading. It seems a friendly device during that it "talks" quickly to my iPad and Samsung Galaxy tablet. In a short time frame the Sharingbox+ has ended up being a buddy.

highly recommended.

One system Limitless Home entertainment Possibilities

All in One Option for Your Mobile Needs - The Center of Your Digital World.

Presenting the SharingBox+, why look around for 3 or 4 different gadgets and hope they are compatible? SharingBox+ does it all for you, as a file center, access point for up to 5 gadgets, as a Power-bank or as a Router. Quickly safeguard your files and media back-up on the go. Share and stream your movies, music, documents and pictures, fast Wi-Fi connectivity for all your gadgets. Limitless mobile entertainment possibilities.

Wi-Fi Hotspot, Router or Complementing Your Existing Network as Range Extender i.e. AP, Bridge, Router SharingBox+ is a full-featured wireless station with 802.11 b/g/n technologies supporting IOS and Android gadgets. SharingBox+ is particularly developed for use with tablets, smart phones, portable video game consoles and other portable electronic wireless gadgets. Additionally the SharingBox+ is fully capable to support one WAN port for PPPOE and DHCP working mode. The device's small size makes it perfect for use on the road and can easily link to the web and share the connection around a typical sized space at 150Mbps. The SharingBox+ is an ultimate complement to any existing wireless network as it can be used as a range extender, AP, Bridge or as a typical WAN router.

Flexible Power Supply - Easy to take with when on road

The SharingBox+ is powered by a Micro USB port and can be powered by an external power adapter or via a USB connection to a computer system. When traveling, users can plug the SharingBox+ into their computer's USB port and share their Wi-Fi connection with family and friends.

Portable and Compact Ideal for House and Travel Use

A tourist simply plugs the WAN wire in a hotel space into the port of the SharingBox+ to instantaneously produce a safe and secure, password protected wireless hotspot.

Wireless Storage and Backup

More than just a storage media device SharingBox+ can successfully keep and secure your personal info, wirelessly. Never worry about lacking storage capability on your tablet and smartphone ever again. Use an SD-card to store and share files, up to 128gb cards supported. Upload and back up full-resolution pictures and video from your tablet or smartphone - no cables needed.

Stream Center - Enjoy Your Media on Tablets and Smartphones

Wirelessly stream your media and files to tablets, smartphones, Mac computers and PCs with warp speed, stream up to 5 various HD movies to 5 gadgets at the very same time. Simply load the SD card into the SharingBox+ SD slot or link an external drive via USB into the usb port of your SharingBox+. Free media app can be downloaded from App store or Google play to make it basic to navigate and enjoy your media library on iPad, iPhone and Android gadgets, 3rd party apps could be available for Windows based systems or to support added formats.

Power Bank -Power Your Mobile Devices on the Go

With the integrated 3000mAh battery, SharingBox+ can likewise be used as a power station to charge your phone or tablet whenever and wherever is necessary.

Limitless Storage and Sharing Possiblities

Utilizing SD card or external memory supporting wireless or USB you are free to stream or include material between SharingBox+ and external gadgets.

Additionally you are able to move files between all connected external gadgets either wired or wirelessly from you mobile gadgets - unlimited possibilities.

Ideal Portable Router
SharingBox+ makes use of existing network to produce a password secured Wi-Fi hotspot.
SharingBox+ used as a range enhancer to transmit the existing signal to a larger location by being in between the sending and getting gadgets.
SharingBox+ used as a typical router connected to an Ethernet wire and working as a hotspot for other gadgets.

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