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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Back To School: LED Desk Lamp, Phone Charger Combo

Back to School lines are already forming and DTC LifeTools has several products that are excellent back to school items for this year. For example, the DTC PowerSafe LifeTool is a perfect accessory for any dorm room or study area for several reasons.

First of all, this flexible LED desk lamp is great for studying on the move or in a dedicated area. It has a dimmer-type switch that allows the user to dial up or down the light to the perfect brightness. Sleeping roommates who live in the same area would be appreciative of this non-intrusive feature. The unit is cordless and therefore portable. This makes studying possible anywhere, even out on campus after dark.

Running a close second are the built-in security functions that can make the difference when walking alone after dark. Flip on the alarm and bright red blinking emergency beacon and send those stray dogs and other critters (or two legged predators) running away back into the dark. If you want to be sure about this, simply read the Amazon reviews on the Powersafe product listing page. You will discover several reviews from people saying things like "My dog can't stand the loud noise."

The third thing that makes this product such a great back to school gift is the emergency radio function. Many people study best with music playing. How many people can pull a cordless desk lamp out of their backpack that also plays their favorite tunes? The product reviews on Amazon also verify the excellent reception of local FM channels on the unit.

There are many more features of the PowerSafe LifeTool that make it a great back to school "must have" item. Think driving back and forth between home and campus - how important can a portable floodlight, emergency radio, siren and flashing emergency light, or cell phone charger be on the road, after dark, all alone?


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